30 December 2007

cacti in snow

I had a really good rant going in my head while I was at work yesterday, that I intended (there's that word again) to write here. By the time I got home, though, I was too worn out and sleepy to try to remember what I wanted to write. It all boiled down to about the same as every other rant: People are stupid; I hate them; and they should be shot.

I watched "At Last the 1948 Show" instead. It's one of the precursors to "Monty Python's Flying Circus." The other being "Do Not Adjust Your Set." Both programs were short-lived numbers on British television, but each had about half the Pythons in them and paved the way for "Flying Circus." This DVD was a Christmas gift; I should buy the other one too.

I find myself kinda wishing that blogger had smilies. Specifically the ones used on the Series. I haven't been there much these past few days. Effort. I dunno. Whatever.

This "Skin and Bones" Foo Fighters CD isn't all that rad. I like the Foos, but I'm just not really getting into this album. *sigh* Can't win 'em all.

25 December 2007

The road to hell . . .

I totally had intentions of calling people after I got home from Kentucky today and wishing a Merry Christmas, but yeah . . . Whoops.

We got home around 215ish this afternoon. This morning was crazy. Haha. Good times. It's always sad to say goodbye to the Kentucky clan but it's also always nice to come back home. Everybody bought too much shit for everybody. American consumerism at its finest. But who cares? It was totally worth it to see the faces of others as they open gifts. So much fun. I'm gonna go to sleep now, I think. Five hours of sleep plus a little dosing on the drive home equals a very tired Jessiqa.

To all my friends, I love you, even if I don't call or express yuletide cheeriness.

23 December 2007

Holiday cheer and all that jazz

I'm lying on my belly typing on my laptop which makes for some very interesting typos. Also my arm is falling asleep. The rest of me should be asleep soon if I ever do the bright thing tonight and go to bed.

Okies, put the laptop on my lap for maybe the third time since I bought the thing a year ago. It's cold in this room. Probably because it's in the basement. Ooh, I just spotted a space heater. I will mos def crank that baby up in just a bit.

So, yeah. Kentucky. A couple years ago, Hot Topic had this series of State-related t-shirts. The one for Kentucky had an outline of the State with the words "KY -- Slide Right In." I thought it was the funniest thing ever. I was sorely tempted to buy it for my cousin that Christmas, but I didn't know her size or (more importantly) whether she'd ever actually wear it. I most certainly would have been embarrassed to have her open that in front of the rest of the family. Hahaha. I should tell her this story tomorrow. I wonder if she'll appreciate the humour in it the way I do.

I've explained about my graduation and impending job search at least four times already today. I predict that before the holiday weekend is over, I will have had to discuss this horribly boring topic at least twenty-five times. Urgh. I hate talking about it when I'm not really all that excited about it. Certainly not as excited as everyone expects me to be. I guess I don't appreciate the accomplishment involved the way an outsider does. I'm too close to the matter to have clear perspective. Or maybe it really doesn't matter that much in the grand scheme of things.

We played this awesome game called Hoopla. I believe it's by the makers of Cranium. Totally fun. Tomorrow shall be full of game-playing, I'm certain. I am also certain that my leg is going to fall asleep if I continue to rest my laptop in my lap like this.

Bedtime for me then, I guess.

21 December 2007

cold pizza

There is no better meal in the world than cold pizza. This is a universal law. Like gravity or hairy backs being unsexy.

17 December 2007

Vanity FTW!

There's no point in taking pictures of yourself if you're going to make boring faces.

09 December 2007


I just finished putting together Christmas cards for the online family. Oh man, these are so epic. I can't wait until they get them. Hahaha. <3

06 December 2007

Between Breaths (A &@!*# Perspective)

Last week I had a consultation with a pulmonologist about my poor breathing skills. General consensus says I have allergy-induced asthma. This makes good sense, considering I've dealt with allergies and sinus issues for the past fifteen years. About two and a half years ago these sinus infections began to always deteriorate into bronchial issues of greater or lesser degree. (Once it turned into all-out bronchitis which lasted three months--my first semester of grad school. Oi!)

Last time I had sinus issues and went to the doctor, Convenient Care actually, the dude slipped a clip on my finger to read my blood oxygen level. It was two points lower than he expected. So he gave me an inhaler and codeine-laced cough syrup and sent me on my confused way. This was in August. The breathing issues I was experiencing then got better and I didn't need the inhaler anymore. Until November. All I did was walk across the street to take the mail to the post office. No real physical exertion involved there. But it was one of the first really cold days of the season and that cold air just punched me in the chest. When I got back inside, I had to sit down for a few moments to get my breath back. This is soooooo not a normal reaction for a 25-year-old who is moderately healthy and not overweight. So we made an appointment with Dr. Greeley.

I explained all this to him in his office last week. How I feel this pressure on my chest and I sometimes find it really difficult to get "enough." Later, I realized I forgot to mention how coughing tends to aggravate my breathing issues, and how taking really deep breaths to deal with that sometimes makes me cough because the air tickles the back of my throat. So it's very reciprocal and not much fun. He asked me about where I work (a library, full of dust and patrons and other contaminants) and about stresses outside of work. I told him that I'm on the verge of graduation and I have some job hunting to do and I still live with the parentals. Based on this, he decided that my breathing issues are anxiety-related. Bullshit. I may not be the happiest girl on the block, but I'm not anxious; I've never had an anxiety attack.

He must have seen the disbelief on my face because he then started rambling on about how asthma sometimes comes and goes with infections, and since I work at a library I'm exposed to pretty much everything out there. (Note: I don't really get sick ever aside from sinus infections, which are my own, not caused by random diseases handed over to me by icky patrons. But I didn't interrupt.) He also said almost as an afterthought that sinus issues and allergies can sometimes cause asthma. (No shit, Sherlock.) He gave me a prescription for a nasal spray and an inhaler, the latter at my request, and set me up for a breathing test.

The exam is today. Here's the deal. He says that if the results come back normal, then he wants me to wait until some of the main stresses in my life are gone and then if I continue to have issues, give him a call. If the results show anything abnormal in my breathing then they'll pursue that path accordingly. The rub is this: my asthma is the lite version, nothing at all as severe as what most asthma sufferers (like a couple of my friends) experience. This means that it's entirely possible that it may slide under the radar, so to speak. Which would confirm Doc's belief that this is anxiety-related.

No. I will not let him treat me like a woman in a Victorian novel who tells everyone she's ill or is being attacked by strange men/ghosts and no one believes her. They just tell her it's nerves and she needs to sit alone in some quiet room with nothing to disturb her or get her upset. Then she'll be okay. But really, she's perfectly sane when she goes into that quiet room with nothing but dull books and boring conversation with occasional visitors, and before you know it, she goes completely mad, believing she's one of the flowers on the wallpaper. I won't be patronized like this.

So I hope to God that something shows on this examination today. This is the only reason I'm glad I now have a cold--it's making things difficult for me in the sleeping/breathing/sinus/sniffly/coughing departments.

Update: Perfect results. Bleh.