30 December 2007

cacti in snow

I had a really good rant going in my head while I was at work yesterday, that I intended (there's that word again) to write here. By the time I got home, though, I was too worn out and sleepy to try to remember what I wanted to write. It all boiled down to about the same as every other rant: People are stupid; I hate them; and they should be shot.

I watched "At Last the 1948 Show" instead. It's one of the precursors to "Monty Python's Flying Circus." The other being "Do Not Adjust Your Set." Both programs were short-lived numbers on British television, but each had about half the Pythons in them and paved the way for "Flying Circus." This DVD was a Christmas gift; I should buy the other one too.

I find myself kinda wishing that blogger had smilies. Specifically the ones used on the Series. I haven't been there much these past few days. Effort. I dunno. Whatever.

This "Skin and Bones" Foo Fighters CD isn't all that rad. I like the Foos, but I'm just not really getting into this album. *sigh* Can't win 'em all.

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