02 January 2008

So how do you like 2008 so far?

I asked this question of a cat about five seconds into the new year. She was unimpressed. Jenni laughed, though. I've discovered a new favorite night-time beverage--hot chocolate with a shot of Bailey's Irish Cream. Marshmallows are a plus. Have I ever mentioned that I love Placebo? Well, I do. Lots. I have to wake up uber-early tomorrow. Okay, not uber-early, but 730, which is still unpleasantly early. Grrrr at having to work for a living. Hahaha. I'm very sleepy right now. I wouldn't even be up, but I'm trying to waste time while I finish my Hot Bailey's Irish Cream Cocoa. Yummmm. Oooh. I should make a list of resolutions. Right.
  • Get the hell out of D-Vegas.
  • Get a job.
  • Preferably before Easter. (Western Easter, that is. Pascha is in May this year, which is way late.)
  • By my birthday would be fabulous.
  • Get on the pill. These pimples have to go.
  • Continue to feed my CD addiction.
  • Nurture a DVD addiction as well.
  • Start a yoga routine.
  • Preferably by going to a class, so I can get proper instruction.
  • Barring the yoga, start a morning swimming routine.
  • Enjoy as many concerts as possible. (so far so good on this one)
  • Look into seeing Tori Amos live.
  • Also The Cure.
  • And NIN, if the fuckers tour the US this year.
  • Buy some black socks.
  • Learn to juggle.
  • Get some sleep. Goodnight.

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