23 March 2008

Happy Zombie Jesus Day!

For those of you Christians of the Western Tradition, that is. Eastern Orthodox Easter, aka Pascha, is still a few weeks away.

I didn't go to church again even though I set my alarm and everything. God, I suck.

19 March 2008


Grrrr at borders.com not allowing me to use my gift card for my purchase. Maybe because the card was just purchased today and the check needs to go through first. Hopefully. I sure as hell am not paying full price for that dvd set.

16 March 2008


I think I should go take a shower. I've been up since noon and still haven't gotten around to it. Also, I'm bored, so I might as well.

14 March 2008

Do I have to?

I don't want to go to work today, even if only for a few hours. I have a fever and I'm all weak and tired. I didn't sleep well. Typing is great effort!

This sucks. =(

12 March 2008


I finally got that retainer taken out of my mouth. They're going to give me a removable one in a month. Better that than nothing, because my teeth will most definitely shift and "crowd" if left to their own devices.

My mouth feels so weird.


Yoga kicks ass.
Mine, primarily.

08 March 2008


Yay, birthday. Oy, am I tired! This has been such a long week. Fun, but long. =) I think I may call it a night early and go catch some z's.

06 March 2008


I'd enjoy getting paid more if I didn't have to pay bills. Haha. Wouldn't we all?

No matter. The day after tomorrow is my birthday and I intend to enjoy the fuck out of myself (though not literally) tomorrow in Indy. Rah.

01 March 2008


I went on LibraryThing today to add a book to my catalog. While there, I thought I'd glance at the site's blog. Right there at top was a picture of a girl I just graduated with, Sonya. They just hired her to work on their Library Thing For Libraries project (which the Lincoln Trail Library System already has, I'm proud to say). Yet one more reminder of how I'm wasting my time barely even looking. I didn't know they were hiring. I likely wouldn't have gotten the job because it required knowledge of CSS and I have none, but that isn't the point. There's cool stuff out there and I don't even bother. I don't have that passion Sonya does. I didn't know her well, (I never bothered to get to know my fellow-students very well. That's probably a mistake on my part. I own that.), but I liked her.

Good luck, Sonya, and have fun.

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