22 April 2008


My belly is unhappy. I guess I ate too much. It's actually more nerves than anything else, I'm sure. Going to church on my own tends to do that to me these days. Especially as I plan to stay for Confession tonight. I've already written about how this particular bit of my faith unnerves me. So perhaps that means my stomach actually is suffering from unnerves? I'll have to think about that one. ;)

Jeez, it's been awhile since I last logged in. I've have this one half-finished blog still sitting on the back-burner of my desktop that I'll likely never finish, but you never know.

Hahaha, the song that just came on my iTunes is "Nerves" by Bauhaus.

I wish Jenni were awake; I'd make her come with me. Oooh, she is awake. This may actually work.

I use the word "actually" way too much. Yes, yes, I do.

Okay, this blog has drifted off course. Not that it ever actually (hehe) had a course, but whatev.

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