31 May 2008

22 May 2008


They're outside my house. I'm surrounded. There must be a school field trip to walk down Jackson Street. Maybe they're going to Custard Cup. I suppose I'll find out when I hear them on the return trip and look out the window to see a bunch of ice-cream-smeared faces.

20 May 2008

Why is it

that I always tend to type entries here when I'm bored or when I'm waiting for something? At the moment, I'm waiting for my laundry to get out of the dryer so that I can bring it upstairs and then go to bed. I'm a tired little girl. As can be noted by the bit at the top left, I've finally started sending in job applications. I've already gotten a response from one library--the position was full, good luck though. Ah, well. I still have a few more applications to fill out and send in. I'll do that tomorrow probably. I also need to get an oil change tomorrow and shave my legs. Not necessarily in that order.

So I'm going to Chicago this weekend to see Tiger Army. Should be good times. I'll get to hang out with some folks from the Series. I'm pretty excited about that.

16 May 2008


So I was telling Daddy the other day about the Cure album I had wanted to buy, and he said "Cure?"
"Yeah. The Cure. It's a band," I said.
"C-U-R-E?" He kept repeating this. Over and over.
I couldn't believe he'd never heard of the Cure. I mean, come on. They've been around as long as, if not longer than, I have. He's surely heard some of their songs. My father baffles me.

14 May 2008

let's seeeeeee

Updates in the world of me, being the chronicles of Jessiqa the bored who only wants something to do whilst she waits to bid on a record on eBay.

It's a really good album. I know. I already own it. Two copies. Allow me to explain. I've been in love with this Cure album, Bloodflowers by name, for ages. I would constantly check it out from the library because I could never find it at the store. Eventually, I gave in and bought it on iTunes only to learn a few months later that the Australian edition has an extra track. So I bought it. I'm currently bidding on the vinyl. Damn, outbid. Oh well, I want it, but I won't pay an exorbitant fee for it. Besides I just bought Things Falling Apart on vinyl. This is why I'm poor.

Okay, I'm done now. No real updates here, true, but I don't care. :p

06 May 2008

I have a pimple on my thigh.

04 May 2008


Okay, that was supposed to say "hola" but my fingers decided otherwise, so I'm leaving it.

I just glanced back at my new year's resolutions and was quite surprised at how many of them I've gotten a good start on. Sure, sure, I haven't gotten a job yet, haven't even been looking really, but I have kept to a yoga routine for over two months now and I even joined a class. NIN will be touring the US this summer, which makes my heart happy. The CD addiction is still going strong, to the point that I've pretty much run out of room for any new CDs--a tragedy!

I still need to learn to juggle, though.