14 May 2008

let's seeeeeee

Updates in the world of me, being the chronicles of Jessiqa the bored who only wants something to do whilst she waits to bid on a record on eBay.

It's a really good album. I know. I already own it. Two copies. Allow me to explain. I've been in love with this Cure album, Bloodflowers by name, for ages. I would constantly check it out from the library because I could never find it at the store. Eventually, I gave in and bought it on iTunes only to learn a few months later that the Australian edition has an extra track. So I bought it. I'm currently bidding on the vinyl. Damn, outbid. Oh well, I want it, but I won't pay an exorbitant fee for it. Besides I just bought Things Falling Apart on vinyl. This is why I'm poor.

Okay, I'm done now. No real updates here, true, but I don't care. :p

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