04 June 2008

A Day In The Life

This is actually a post that I made a year and a half ago on The Series, but I came across the pictures randomly a few minutes ago and thought it would make a good blog, since this blog hasn't gotten much love recently.

My weekend of term paper writing:

My computer is shit and I get so bored while waiting for webpages to load, that I take pictures of my hair.

In fact, my computer got so fussy with me, that I decided to bring in another one (courtesy of my dear friend Jenni). I have to have one to write on and one to listen to music on, after all....

While doing research, my books scatter themselves across my room.

Yeah, that's right, my paper is on Dr. Suess. I rock!

I take a break and find that Daddy has stolen my book!

Finally, I finished the paper. Now all I have to do is clean my room.

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