11 July 2008


What is up with me getting pimples in the weirdest possible places? I have one coming up on my lower eyelid just below the lashes. Yes, my eyelid. What the fuck? It's bloody painful too. Dammit (spoken in the voice of a petulant child).

So yeah, Daddy and I just watched the most recent Die Hard movie. Good fun. I say we start on the Lethal Weapon movies next. I've only seen the first one so far.

Well, this job hunt thing has been fairly unfruitful. Oh, sure, I've had a couple responses saying they filled the job and good luck in the future. The closest I've come to an interview is when a library in Chicago gave me a call, but it was for a part-time job, and I can't really do that. I need full-time work or I may as well just stay where I am now, working part-time and paying no rent. Actually, after August's concerts, I plan to look for a second part-time job here in town, just to give a bit of a boost to my income, pay off my credit card debt a bit more quickly.

My eye really hurts.

Daddy's going into surgery Monday. Mom's really taking it hard. I think she was crying last night. Not that I'm not nervous. I am. And so is Daddy. (duh) But Mom seems particularly worried, as though something horrible will go wrong and our whole world will fall apart. I'm not going to say it's a routine surgery, no big deal, because I don't think it is routine. However, I believe that it isn't a terribly serious surgery. They're just going to go into his kidney, insert a tube, pluck out a few kidney stones that are too big to deal with otherwise, and leave the tube in for drainage for a week or two before going back in to make sure they got all the stones. A couple months down the road they'll repeat the procedure on the other kidney. It's serious, but hardly life-threatening. It's almost out-patient, after all. They're only likely to keep him one night. Oh, ugh. We have to be there at the ass-crack of dawn Monday morning. No, before the ass-crack of dawn. The sun will be rising in Newfoundland or points farther east at about the time we pile into the car to drive to Chambana. I'm totally going to sleep on the way over. Definitely.

Okay, enough of that. I've got the second disc from Da Ali G Show to watch. Funny stuff, let me tell you.

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