22 August 2008


Okay, so my hard drive crashed a few weeks ago meaning that I lost all saved passwords in Firefox etc. I haven't had any real trouble with this until just now. I wanted to sign in on flickr for the first time since the Crash of '08. I knew things would be difficult when the login page was actually Yahoo. Fine. No problem. I know my Yahoo password. Besides, this seemed vaguely familiar from before. I never really use flickr much, having only uploaded one photo so far and a crappy one at that. I tend to use photobucket (which I have had no problem logging into thank you very much). Right, so I typed in my Yahoo password and it wanted me to either A) create a new flickr (Huh? I thought I was logging onto my existing account. What is this shit?) or B) connect the Yahoo ID to an existing Flickr account. Obviously, I want choice B. So I went to log in and failed. Miserably. Over and fucking over. I'm pretty sure I know which email address I used, so it's just a password problem. Eventually, I gave up and had them send me my password, but it won't do that because it recognises that email as being connected to a Yahoo account, so I had to go through Yahoo's password bullshit. And THAT didn't work! It asked for month of birth and country and zip code. I typed all this in correctly and it said no. So I logged into Yahoo from the actual Yahoo site and saw that my profile was created when I was in college, so I tried it again using that zip code instead. Still a no go. I have absolutely no idea what the problem is. So I kept trying different months even though I know I never bother to fudge my birthday when creating accounts, just to see if maybe I did once, and Yahoo froze my account for 24 hours. Security. They assumed someone was trying to break in to my account. Yeah. Me. I can still log in to my Yahoo via the Yahoo account by the way, so whatever. So then I decided to try again at flickr. I must have tried every damn password I've ever used in the whole of my life and then some. Nothing worked. So I gave up and went with choice A after all and created a nice and shiny new account that is properly connected to my Yahoo ID la de da de da.

Here's the new one: Jessiqa
For nostalgia's sake: 13_GIR

Now I forget why I wanted to log on in the first place.

Edit: Fuck this shit, yet again. I'm just not a fan of Flickr. I decided to use Picasa instead.

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