28 August 2008

So tell me a little bit about yourself . . .

Now that interviews A and B are over, I can breathe a little easier the rest of this week. Interview A went very well, I thought. However, as there are many candidates in line for that position, I have no idea where I stand. I'll know by the end of the week, though. Woooo. Interview B was merely a preliminary phone interview. It went well too. I haven't a clue whether they'll contact me again for a proper interview. Considering the rather low salary, I won't really mind if they don't get back to me.

After interview A, the Jenster and I went up to Chicago, where I bought two pairs of shoes. Let's just say, I had sore feet and there was little alternative. Right. We also hit up Lush and nearly bought them out. Or was it that we cleared out our wallets? Whatever.

P.S. I'm listening to a leak of Ben Fold's new album. It's allowed; Amanda Palmer posted the above link on her blog. Does "Brainwascht" sound a bit familiar? Yeah? Yeah? Hahaha. She should sue.

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