30 September 2008

waiting waiting waiting

I'm just sitting here wasting time while waiting for a video clip to download. Once that's done, I can turn off my computer and go to bed. Why don't I just leave the computer on doing it's thing and go to bed anyway, you ask? I did that last night. My computer needs to sleep sometimes too, y'know. Maybe I'll watch Across the Universe tomorrow. I just listened to the soundtrack. It makes my heart happy.

I'm still having creative struggles with Genius. It won't recognise Amanda Palmer's new album or NIN's Still or The Slip. Terrible. Just terrible. It only recognises 3 songs from the soundtrack to The Nightmare Before Christmas, which I find odd.

11 minutes remaining

Daddy's gonna make bacon and eggs for breakfast tomorrow morning. Yum yum. That was the name of one of the Siamese cats in the Cat Who . . . mysteries by Lilian Jackson Braun. Yum-Yum, that is. Anyhoo, I think I shall shave tomorrow as I'm getting to look a bit like a hippie again. Damn.

8 minutes remaining

Okay, fuck this waiting nonsense. I'm gonna go bug daddy for the next 7 minutes. Bye.

28 September 2008

Christmas in . . . September?

I'm totally listening to Elvis sing Christmas songs right now. I am awesome.

20 September 2008

I'm a menace to myself.

I think I pulled a muscle in my leg during yoga last night. And I think I pulled all the other muscles in the rest of my body during work today.

My whole body aches. :(

13 September 2008

It's Aliiiiive!

First Genius hiccup: It doesn't register NIN's Ghosts. True, the album isn't available in iTunes, but, hell, there's lots of albums that aren't available on iTunes. This could provide a hindrance, demoting it to merely Valedictorian.

Here's why you should vote Republican.

Fo' sho'

11 September 2008

I usually leave it there.

I've been home for two hours now and only just now realised that I'm still wearing my name tag.

P.S. Voltaire makes my heart happy.

07 September 2008


I'm bored and fidgety. I need to think of something to do or somewhere to go this evening, because I just can't sit here in my room all day long.

04 September 2008


Is it wrong that I sort of want to cop out on tomorrow's interview? I don't honestly feel I have a chance at the position, and that's an awful long way to drive for nothing. Besides, I went and asked Daddy if he wanted to be my driving buddy and he really doesn't want to, but I think he'll do it anyway, just because I want him to. And that makes me feel bad. I shouldn't have said anything to him. Urgh. Also, I'm sleepy and don't feel like studying any cataloging. (I've convinced myself that I'll be tested on this somehow during the interview, so I feel I need to beef up on MARC and all that.) I just want to sleep and not have to wake up at 6-fucking-o'clock. Blergh. I haven't the balls to cop out. Not really. Maybe I'll just forgo the studying, but I know that would be foolish. Fuck.

03 September 2008

02 September 2008

didn't get it

I received a letter today (I am oh-so-excited right now that I spelled 'received' correctly on the first try. Damn those 'ie' and 'ei' words.) from the library where I interviewed last week. The director went with someone who was fluent in Spanish. This makes sense, since the area has a large Spanish-speaking population (one-third) and since the position requires developing the Spanish language collection. He did write, however that I was his second choice out of over 25 applicants. So I may not have gotten the job, but I did get an ego boost, which is almost as good. ;)

01 September 2008

Just to show how blonde I am

I wear a cuff bracelet on my right arm. I've had it for maybe six months now. Like most of my jewelry, I wear it all day every day and only rarely take it off or exchange it with another piece. The one circumstance under which I always take of my bracelet and rings is when I shave my legs, because getting the shaving goop all over the jewelry is just gross. So I took off my rings and reached into the sleeve of my robe to take off my bracelet. It wasn't there. I had a minor panic attack because I couldn't remember taking it off anywhere. I knew I had taken off for the NIN show a week and a half ago, but I put it back on right afterward. That night, I think. The cuff is pretty small, so I was certain it hadn't fallen off in bed or anywhere else really. I looked in the purse I used last week, and there it was in the front pocket. Whew! All this was in a matter of about 3 seconds, mind you. The thing is that I took the bracelet off before going in to my interview last Wednesday and didn't put it back on, and never even bloody noticed until just now, almost a week later. I am so fucking blonde, I swear.