04 September 2008


Is it wrong that I sort of want to cop out on tomorrow's interview? I don't honestly feel I have a chance at the position, and that's an awful long way to drive for nothing. Besides, I went and asked Daddy if he wanted to be my driving buddy and he really doesn't want to, but I think he'll do it anyway, just because I want him to. And that makes me feel bad. I shouldn't have said anything to him. Urgh. Also, I'm sleepy and don't feel like studying any cataloging. (I've convinced myself that I'll be tested on this somehow during the interview, so I feel I need to beef up on MARC and all that.) I just want to sleep and not have to wake up at 6-fucking-o'clock. Blergh. I haven't the balls to cop out. Not really. Maybe I'll just forgo the studying, but I know that would be foolish. Fuck.

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