01 September 2008

Just to show how blonde I am

I wear a cuff bracelet on my right arm. I've had it for maybe six months now. Like most of my jewelry, I wear it all day every day and only rarely take it off or exchange it with another piece. The one circumstance under which I always take of my bracelet and rings is when I shave my legs, because getting the shaving goop all over the jewelry is just gross. So I took off my rings and reached into the sleeve of my robe to take off my bracelet. It wasn't there. I had a minor panic attack because I couldn't remember taking it off anywhere. I knew I had taken off for the NIN show a week and a half ago, but I put it back on right afterward. That night, I think. The cuff is pretty small, so I was certain it hadn't fallen off in bed or anywhere else really. I looked in the purse I used last week, and there it was in the front pocket. Whew! All this was in a matter of about 3 seconds, mind you. The thing is that I took the bracelet off before going in to my interview last Wednesday and didn't put it back on, and never even bloody noticed until just now, almost a week later. I am so fucking blonde, I swear.

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