30 September 2008

waiting waiting waiting

I'm just sitting here wasting time while waiting for a video clip to download. Once that's done, I can turn off my computer and go to bed. Why don't I just leave the computer on doing it's thing and go to bed anyway, you ask? I did that last night. My computer needs to sleep sometimes too, y'know. Maybe I'll watch Across the Universe tomorrow. I just listened to the soundtrack. It makes my heart happy.

I'm still having creative struggles with Genius. It won't recognise Amanda Palmer's new album or NIN's Still or The Slip. Terrible. Just terrible. It only recognises 3 songs from the soundtrack to The Nightmare Before Christmas, which I find odd.

11 minutes remaining

Daddy's gonna make bacon and eggs for breakfast tomorrow morning. Yum yum. That was the name of one of the Siamese cats in the Cat Who . . . mysteries by Lilian Jackson Braun. Yum-Yum, that is. Anyhoo, I think I shall shave tomorrow as I'm getting to look a bit like a hippie again. Damn.

8 minutes remaining

Okay, fuck this waiting nonsense. I'm gonna go bug daddy for the next 7 minutes. Bye.

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