28 October 2008


I heard POE on the radio this morning.

It is going to be a good day.

27 October 2008

I'm All Twitterpated.

I've started a Twitter account at Jenni's behest. Come follow me. I'm sure it'll have more activity as time goes by.

25 October 2008


I just read on LibraryThing that Geoffrey Chaucer died 608 years ago today. Wow. I took a class on Chaucer once. Good times. I really should read the whole of The Canterbury Tales one day. One day.

17 October 2008

This is how I will die.

December 25, 2019: Trapped in the chimney.

You decide to surprise your family this Christmas. You wear your Santa suit and climb into the chimney with your bag of gifts. The gifts unfortunately spill out of the bag and wedge themselves around you. You try to move, but it looks like you're stuck! You die from exhaustion and carbon monoxide poisoning. Turns out this Christmas won't be so merry after all!

When Will I Die
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Maybe I didn't think this through.

Most of the above mentioned 42 jobs I have applied for are professional positions which require my Masters degree. See, every day I look at job lists of new openings all over the country. This is easy, thanks to Google Reader, and I can sort through all the job lists right in one place after I take care of my email in the morning.

You wouldn't believe how many libraries are looking for directors. Geez. Are they all retiring? Did they go to a conference and eat the same fatal hors d'oeuvres? Who knows.

Not relevant to me anyway. I'm looking for entry-level work. This is more difficult than it seems, because most positions out there want to hire someone with at least 2 years of professional experience. This experience is what I'm trying to get. Fuck, I just want a job. I can't live with the parentals forever. Since I don't have any professional experience really, I thought I'd apply to a few paraprofessional positions. Not many, but a few, just because I might have a better chance at them than others. I dunno.

Today I got an email from a university where I had applied for a paraprofessional job to give me a heads up that that's what the position is and that they are looking to hire a professional cataloger if that might be more up my alley, but to let them know if I still want to be considered for the paraprofessional job. I emailed back and said yes. I looked at the description for the cataloger position, and although I'd like to catalog, I have no experience with that outside of the classroom. There's no way in hell I'd get that job and I know it. Also it requires doing some supervising of other workers, something I've never done. Here's the rub: I fear that because I said I was interested in the paraprofesional job, not the cataloging job, even though I have a Masters, that they will interpret this as a lack of ambition and won't bother to call me for an interview.

I can't win. Ever. I've only had three interviews out of all those jobs I've applied to. The last was over a week ago, and I haven't heard anything back from them yet, so I assume I didn't get that either. (Which doesn't surprise me; I should have prepared a bit better for the interview. Also, I got really flustered at one point, which is normal for me--I'm just too damn shy and ill-coordinated in social situations.) I think I'm fucked, and not in the happy way. Damn catch-22.

Crass Darkness

I really must stop talking to people. I'll never get clean this way. I need to change the currently reading info on the side there. I've already read another book since Truckers (Next, by Michael Crichton. Good book.). I think I may start The Concise Book of Lying next, but I'm not certain. Anyway, I've got lunch with Erin in an hour and I'm still in my pajamas. (This better not become a theme in my life.)

13 October 2008

not fair

How dare my body give me cramps when I'm nowhere near my period.

Not fair.

P.S. Happy birthday, Fox Mulder.

09 October 2008

Willed Bitter

I really like relying on The Random Phrase Generator (see links in sidebar) for my blog titles.
A. They're amusing.
B. I'm lazy.
Not necessarily in that order.

I feel like whining, so I forgive you for navigating to a new website now. I would too.

My throat hurts. (I better as fuck not be getting sick, dammit.)
My shoulders hurt. (Too many down dogs yesterday, I think.)
My feet hurt. (That's what I get for wearing boots with heels to an interview and getting a tour of the whole building.)
My head hurt. (It did while at work anyway. Now it seems just fine.)
My chest hurt. (This was last night. Not my breasts, understand, my actual ribcage.)

'Kay. Done whining. I've nothing else to say now though, so I think I'll just go to bed. Typing is hurting my shoulders. (I shit you not.)

07 October 2008

Merged Penny

I'm not sure I like the smell of the lotion I used earlier. Meh. Oh, well.

I just finished another Vonnegut book. I guess that means I should change the book info on the sidebar there, but I'm lazy. I'll take care of it later. Anyhoo, in this book, the main character, upon becoming President, issues out new middle names to all American citizens. Each name is of a fruit or flower or chemical element or vegetable or precious stone followed by a numeral ranging from 1 to 20. This way each citizen would suddenly and automatically have an extended family. His campaign slogan: Lonesome No More!

I can dig it.

I have a job interview tomorrow. 3 of 4 people have responded with negative comments when I mentioned the town of this public library. The fourth simply said that it's bigger than here, implying that it must be better than the Vegas by virtue of that fact alone. Possibly. It's wealthier than this town, I think. Of course, the only reason I believe that is because it has had three different buildings for it's library. The first was a Carnegie library, which was replaced in the early 70s and then again in 1999. We only managed to move out of the Carnegie building in the mid-nineties, though we surely needed to before that. Also, they've got lots more computers and a dedicated automation services department, unlike our library, so that speaks of greater funding. Anyway, that's about all I know about the town. I'll have to see for myself tomorrow. I hope to drive around the town a bit and get a feel for it like I meant to do after a previous interview but forgot. Whoops. I didn't get that job anyway, so I guess it doesn't matter.

Guhhh, I hate waking up early to go on boring drives. Shoot me now someone.

P.S. Happy Birthday, Jenster!!!!!

03 October 2008

Supported Cry

Last night I had a dream with Jeffree Star in it. He was living at our house for some reason.