17 October 2008

Maybe I didn't think this through.

Most of the above mentioned 42 jobs I have applied for are professional positions which require my Masters degree. See, every day I look at job lists of new openings all over the country. This is easy, thanks to Google Reader, and I can sort through all the job lists right in one place after I take care of my email in the morning.

You wouldn't believe how many libraries are looking for directors. Geez. Are they all retiring? Did they go to a conference and eat the same fatal hors d'oeuvres? Who knows.

Not relevant to me anyway. I'm looking for entry-level work. This is more difficult than it seems, because most positions out there want to hire someone with at least 2 years of professional experience. This experience is what I'm trying to get. Fuck, I just want a job. I can't live with the parentals forever. Since I don't have any professional experience really, I thought I'd apply to a few paraprofessional positions. Not many, but a few, just because I might have a better chance at them than others. I dunno.

Today I got an email from a university where I had applied for a paraprofessional job to give me a heads up that that's what the position is and that they are looking to hire a professional cataloger if that might be more up my alley, but to let them know if I still want to be considered for the paraprofessional job. I emailed back and said yes. I looked at the description for the cataloger position, and although I'd like to catalog, I have no experience with that outside of the classroom. There's no way in hell I'd get that job and I know it. Also it requires doing some supervising of other workers, something I've never done. Here's the rub: I fear that because I said I was interested in the paraprofesional job, not the cataloging job, even though I have a Masters, that they will interpret this as a lack of ambition and won't bother to call me for an interview.

I can't win. Ever. I've only had three interviews out of all those jobs I've applied to. The last was over a week ago, and I haven't heard anything back from them yet, so I assume I didn't get that either. (Which doesn't surprise me; I should have prepared a bit better for the interview. Also, I got really flustered at one point, which is normal for me--I'm just too damn shy and ill-coordinated in social situations.) I think I'm fucked, and not in the happy way. Damn catch-22.

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