07 October 2008

Merged Penny

I'm not sure I like the smell of the lotion I used earlier. Meh. Oh, well.

I just finished another Vonnegut book. I guess that means I should change the book info on the sidebar there, but I'm lazy. I'll take care of it later. Anyhoo, in this book, the main character, upon becoming President, issues out new middle names to all American citizens. Each name is of a fruit or flower or chemical element or vegetable or precious stone followed by a numeral ranging from 1 to 20. This way each citizen would suddenly and automatically have an extended family. His campaign slogan: Lonesome No More!

I can dig it.

I have a job interview tomorrow. 3 of 4 people have responded with negative comments when I mentioned the town of this public library. The fourth simply said that it's bigger than here, implying that it must be better than the Vegas by virtue of that fact alone. Possibly. It's wealthier than this town, I think. Of course, the only reason I believe that is because it has had three different buildings for it's library. The first was a Carnegie library, which was replaced in the early 70s and then again in 1999. We only managed to move out of the Carnegie building in the mid-nineties, though we surely needed to before that. Also, they've got lots more computers and a dedicated automation services department, unlike our library, so that speaks of greater funding. Anyway, that's about all I know about the town. I'll have to see for myself tomorrow. I hope to drive around the town a bit and get a feel for it like I meant to do after a previous interview but forgot. Whoops. I didn't get that job anyway, so I guess it doesn't matter.

Guhhh, I hate waking up early to go on boring drives. Shoot me now someone.

P.S. Happy Birthday, Jenster!!!!!

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