09 October 2008

Willed Bitter

I really like relying on The Random Phrase Generator (see links in sidebar) for my blog titles.
A. They're amusing.
B. I'm lazy.
Not necessarily in that order.

I feel like whining, so I forgive you for navigating to a new website now. I would too.

My throat hurts. (I better as fuck not be getting sick, dammit.)
My shoulders hurt. (Too many down dogs yesterday, I think.)
My feet hurt. (That's what I get for wearing boots with heels to an interview and getting a tour of the whole building.)
My head hurt. (It did while at work anyway. Now it seems just fine.)
My chest hurt. (This was last night. Not my breasts, understand, my actual ribcage.)

'Kay. Done whining. I've nothing else to say now though, so I think I'll just go to bed. Typing is hurting my shoulders. (I shit you not.)

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