09 November 2008

JTHM kills kids at the library.

Back in August we received a copy of JTHM: The Director's Cut as a donation at the library. I thought this was really odd. Because it was a nice new copy, I wanted it as a replacement for mine whose binding started breaking after the first read. So I put a bit of paper in it claiming dibs on the book if it doesn't get added to the library's collection.

A few days later, the head of the children's department asked me about the book. She had looked through and noted it's graphic violence and naughty language, so she wasn't really sure for what age group it was appropriate. I said that most who have read Johnny started in middle school or high school. (I first read it when I was 23 and had some really weird dreams that night afterwards, but that's another story.) I said that true appreciation of these comics would require an understanding of irony as all the violence is meant ironically, not as a suggestion or validation or glorification of violence. She decided to think about this.

Fast-forward to last Thursday, three months later, and she hands me the book and says I can have it after all. Earlier that day I had been wondering whether she had decided to add it to the library's collection. I can understand her decision--it's hardly like the other books in our graphic novel collection. Those tend to be superhero comics or cutesy manga. Whatev. Now I have two copies. I rock.

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