04 November 2008


I've got my sticker, where's yours?

Anyhoo. I want free Starbuck's for having voted, but we no longer have a Starbuck's in town. Tears. So we may travel to C-U to get some there, which is an awful long way to drive for free coffee. And yet, we will probably do it. The only catch is that I'll miss a lot of Comedy Central's coverage of the election tonight. Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert are joining forces to present Indecision 2008 in its final hours. I remember watching The Daily Show all night back in 2004. Good times. Maybe I can convince my supervisor that it is in the public's best interest to know what's happening and she'll allow us to roll out a TV set so we can watch, just like on 9/11. Hey, you never know!

Three minutes into a song, and I just realised that it's the instrumental version of the song. Shows how much I pay attention to the music I'm listening to while I'm putzing around on the internet.

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