27 December 2008

Exist Now

While driving on I-65 to Elizabethtown over the holidays, I saw a billboard that said "Exist Now." Guessing that this was some religious or philosophical statement, I wondered who put up the billboard. The phrase was in big black letters on a white background. There was nothing else. I craned my head around so I could see better. (The far section of my windshield was blurry with rain/snow.) There was a Cracker Barrel logo attached above the white rectangle of the billboard. I was all WTF until I realised that the sign actually said "Exit Now."

Bonus blog:

I was looking for an empty notebook (and failed) and found one that I had used for a history class as an undergrad at DACC. The page I opened up to had final exam study notes on the Nixon era. The page is labeled "Dick." Part II of the outline goes like this:

II. Should he have resigned?
A. Yes. He was a villainous crook.
B. He was a nasty little man & he should never have been president.

I would like to submit that students of Illinois history many years down the road may have similar entries in their notebooks regarding Governor Blagojovich.

25 December 2008


I played Wii for the first time this holiday. I suck at it, but I kinda want one now. Hahaha.

20 December 2008

Hit her, Ash, hit it!

Perhaps it was not so wise of me to watch The Evil Dead while alone in the house at night right before bed when the wind is blowing pretty fiercely outside making the house creak and the door to the garage rattle.

P.S. I've always kinda had a thing for Bruce Campbell, I admit it.

13 December 2008

This is just sad.

This morning I spied a newspaper on the table at work, waiting to be checked in. The newspaper is one that is only published two or three times a month, so I almost never see it when checking in newspapers. My internal monologue said, "Oh, we got one of those episodes in? [pause] Did I just say episodes when referring to newspaper issues?" At this point I just shook my head and wondered what the world is coming to when even a librarian can't get those straight.

06 December 2008

Guaranteed Novel

I'm feeling very weird today. Sort of off. I dunno. There are several reasons, I suppose. I'd say that I should just have some hot chocolate and be done with it, but I'm still really full from dinner. Maybe I'll watch a movie. It's late, though, and I want to get to bed at a reasonable time so that I can go to church in the morning. Last weekend, I was thwarted by the shock of snow. There's still snow, but it's been here a week, so no surprises there unless i wake up to find the driveway a foot deep in snow. I don't want to have to shovel my way out when I'm dressed for church. I may even wear a skirt.

Speaking of skirts, I wore one today to my great aunt's birthday party. She's 75. Today is Daddy's birthday too. He's 68. It was quite a shock to me this afternoon to realise there's only a seven-year age difference there. It feels like it should be a lot more.

I think I should watch a movie. A comedy, preferably. Maybe I'll pop in The Princess Bride.

03 December 2008