27 December 2008

Exist Now

While driving on I-65 to Elizabethtown over the holidays, I saw a billboard that said "Exist Now." Guessing that this was some religious or philosophical statement, I wondered who put up the billboard. The phrase was in big black letters on a white background. There was nothing else. I craned my head around so I could see better. (The far section of my windshield was blurry with rain/snow.) There was a Cracker Barrel logo attached above the white rectangle of the billboard. I was all WTF until I realised that the sign actually said "Exit Now."

Bonus blog:

I was looking for an empty notebook (and failed) and found one that I had used for a history class as an undergrad at DACC. The page I opened up to had final exam study notes on the Nixon era. The page is labeled "Dick." Part II of the outline goes like this:

II. Should he have resigned?
A. Yes. He was a villainous crook.
B. He was a nasty little man & he should never have been president.

I would like to submit that students of Illinois history many years down the road may have similar entries in their notebooks regarding Governor Blagojovich.

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