21 December 2009

Angels We Have Heard On High

This is a conversation I just had with an online acquaintance. Too funny not to share.

Me: i plan to start Cryptonomicon by Neal Stephenson in a couple days; it's nearly 1000 pages
Dude: what's it about?
Me: no clue. the author seems to be a favorite in geek circles, so i thought i'd give it a whirl and read his first book. i think it's kinda sci-fi, but i'm not certain
Dude: ahhh i see
Dude: do you consider yourself a geek?
Me: in certain things, yes. i've never been a gamer, so i can't claim to belong to that aspect of geekdom
Dude: lol
Dude: thank the Lord
Dude: you look too baddass to be a geek
Me: hahaha
Dude: it's true
Dude: the short hair, black clothes, intense expression
Me: i'm wearing white and green today
Dude: screams: "don't mess with me or i'll turn into a werewolf or vampire and suck your blood"
Me: hahaha

18 December 2009


How does one work when one has no work to do? A conundrum.

I am once again sitting at my desk waiting to start Tots in about fifteen minutes. There's at least two kids here so far. I don't know how many I'll have in total, but I hope it's twelve or less because I don't have enough supplies for more than a dozen. The highest number we've ever had was eleven, so I hope I'll be safe, otherwise some poor kids will have to make wreaths of colors that aren't the traditionally Christmasy red, green, and white. (Not like the kids would really care all that much anyway.)

My Christmas shopping is over half done; I'll finish the rest tonight and tomorrow. Of course that still leaves the project I need to finish for Mom. Here's hoping I can get it done in time, and also that I don't completely screw the thing up--still a distinct possibility.

Did you know that The Muppet Family Christmas does not appear to exist on DVD? I can't find it on Netflix or in my library's system. Oooh, but I *did* just now find it in Worldcat. Hell, yes!!

16 December 2009

White Christmas

I finally finished Let the Right One In by John Ajvide Lindqvist and posted my review to LibraryThing. I received the book through their Early Reviewers program. I had the book for ages and took a really long time to read it because I only read it on my breaks while at work, something I alluded to in the review. I got at least two emails from LibraryThing to remind me to review the book. So now that's done. Yay.

Now I have to read and review the second book they sent me. Oy! Hahaha.

Read the review here: www.librarything.com/review/51886842

Jack's Obsession*

Books to the ceiling,
Books to the sky,
My pile of books is a mile high.
How I love them! How I need them!
I'll have a long beard by the time I read them.

- Arnold Lobel

*Not the title of this poem, which was on my Google quotes today.

04 December 2009


Actually I'm listening to Wil Wheaton's Radio Free Burrito podcast Episode Fourteen, but at present he's playing "Rodeohead" by Hard & Phirm on the podcast. It's a country tribute to Radiohead in medley form. In other words, it's made of awesome. Enough about my listening habits and on to the blog.

Tots went well today, though I have a ton of silver bell parts left over. I should really try to figure out how to make a penguin craft. I know what story I want to read, but I can't remember the title or author (making me very much like some of my patrons) but I have it saved in one of my email accounts, so I can look it up easily enough (unlike like the aforementioned patrons).

Whoa, this iPod is at nearly half-battery right now and it's only been on for about 2.5 hours, meaning its battery life is slightly over 5 hours, which isn't as weird now that I've done the math, reminding me that the iPod is 3 years and some months old. Yeah.

You know how I wanted to update my Halloween playlist on iTunes? Still not done. And now it's time to update the Christmas playlist on my iPod (actually, all my playlists, as my new iPod arrived at the parentals' house yesterday). I have to remember not to solely play with it this weekend, instead of paying attention to the padre on his most illustrious of birthdays. This Sunday marks his last year as a sextagenarian. He doesn't seem that old, and yet, numbers don't lie. (They don't know how, silly numbers.)

26 November 2009

Gotta Be Somebody's Blues

Seems to be an instrumental version.

I have ventured into the world of sales: I've placed my first item on eBay. I used Mom's account, since she already has a decent rep and has her PayPal all set up. So far I have three bids. I sincerely hope it sells at 200 or better (preferably better). Yeah, I'm nervous. Hahaha.

Have a peek.

25 November 2009


I just remembered that I had a dark grey metal cuff bracelet that I used to wear 24/7 but haven't worn in quite some time. I probably haven't worn it since I moved here. I just looked through all my purses and bags and jewelry cases to try to find this bracelet. Thing is, I can't remember when, where, or why I last took it off. I think I must have been living in the Heights at the time, and I'm certain I cleared everything out of that apartment, so if it was there, it should be here somewhere. Unless I took it off at my parents' house, or somewhere else altogether unguessable.

I wish I had a good memory.

20 November 2009

Where is everybody?

There was some other song stuck in my head all night, but now I can't remember it. It'll come back to me probably, though. I ought to be working. Once again I am too fucking lazy and tired to do much of anything at work on a Friday morning. I slept well last night, but I didn't the night before and now it's really hit me. So, yeah, I wish I were back in bed. I'd claim to have a migraine some time after Tots so that I could go home early, but I promised my afternoon hour in the workroom to Pam because she missed hers (through a series of fuck-ups on my part - long story) on Tuesday. If I left, she would feel obliged not to come into the workroom. I don't want to give her the shaft twice so I'll stick around. And there's no sense in going home after that, because there'd only be two hours left in the day from that point, anyhow. I'd go straight home after that and take a nap, but I really need to get to Walmart before the deli closes so I can get some sliced turkey for tomorrow's program. That's what I'm currently avoiding: I need to make examples of each of the craft projects I intend to have the patrons do tomorrow, but I haven't gotten around to it yet. I think I'll take the stuff home and do it tonight. Jeez. I've never had so much homework on this job as I have this week. Mostly because I failed during the workday to get shit done. This had better not be a habit. Nah, most weeks, I'm on top of things, but this week I had the conference in Champaign and that took a whole workday away from me. On the other hand, it got me out of going to the board meeting this month and that always makes my heart happy. (I hate board meetings.) So yeah. That's today's story. I have a purchase list to revise and reduce to a reasonable amount. I'll work on that tomorrow, I think. And Tuesday. I'm still not sure about Wednesday. I'll need to talk to Connie about that later today. Why is everything so complicated???

05 November 2009


So I finally broke down and took some Sudafed, which may or may not have been a good idea. I don't feel that the status of my runny/stuffy nose had changed much, yet I definitely feel way tired, even light-headed. Granted this started three hours after I took the pill, so it may not be a side-effect after all. All I know is that I have 6.5 hours left in my work day and I'm ready for bed right now. I hate to leave early since I know it's difficult to find a substitute on such short notice. I dunno, I'll give it another hour or so and see how I feel.

21 October 2009


The new Flight of the Conchords album is very very enjoyable. I should buy the second season on DVD, even though I liked the first season better. Good times.

Speaking of friends, I haven't talked to mine in way too long. One in particular isn't answering her phone and needs to, dammit. Rawr. You know who you are. *raises eyebrow*

02 October 2009

Devil's Dance

As it turns out I never properly updated my Halloween playlist in iTunes after the Crash of '08. All I did was throw a few obvious choices in there (The Nightmare Before Christmas, Bauhaus, some AFI, some Manson, etc). Thankfully, I still have the complete playlist on my iPod (because why the hell would I delete awesomeness like that just because the season is over?). This reminds me of when K told me I was the only person she knew who had a Halloween playlist. Hahaha. Speaking of K, I need to call her; I miss her and all the gals at DPL. *sigh*

The Tots program seems to be going fairly well. I tried something which I thought would be really cool on Wednesday night but it didn't go over so well, so I left it out this morning. Ah, well. This is definitely a learning process. I'm waiting for a phone call from a contact at an audiobook company so I can ask him some questions about our account. I keep getting conflicting information from the gals here. I can't help but wonder how they have managed to keep anything straight. I sure don't understand, which is why I need to talk to the dude. Unfortunately I get very awkward-sounding (Who me? Never!) when leaving messages on voicemail, so I'm hoping he caught my name , library and phone number. If he doesn't call back by Tuesday, I'll send him an email. I'm a much better writer than speaker. Maybe I should have gone that route to begin with. *sigh*

Ooh, ooh. I have a nameplate to sit on my desk now. S brought it to me this afternoon. She's like, "You're official now!" Def excited. They even spelled my name right. My name is prefaced with the title "Ms." My parents and I had a discussion over this title the other day, because I mentioned that one of the high school students had called me by my first name and that sort of threw me a) because I'm a teacher/librarian and it's not usual to use first names with such people, and b) I had no idea she even knew my name; I don't know hers. Anyway, Mom said that I need to point out to the students that they need to call me Miss A. I said that one of the teachers had introduced me earlier that week to her students as Ms. A (actually, I introduced myself; the teacher forgot my name). Mom misheard me and said, "At least you don't go by 'Ms.'" I said, "I do." I'm not married and therefore not a Mrs. and 'Miss' sounds too condescending. Daddy chimed in and said that 'Miss' doesn't sound right for any past her teens or very early twenties. I agree. Mom seems to be under the impression that 'Ms.' is something solely used by feminists in order to hide whether or not they may be married or some such nonsense. *sigh*

11 September 2009

List of Demands

Once again, I am blogging from my work desk on a Friday when I ought to be working, but whatevs. I have my iPod to keep me company and by typing the blog first in Google Docs I can at least look busy, so all's good. Wednesday night, I did my very first Tots program which is the storytime & crafts program for preschoolers. There were two parents, each with two kids, so hardly an unmanageable number of kidlets. I read a couple stories, one of which was very dull and I won't be using this morning when I do my repeat session. The theme of this week is red. Next week, we'll be doing green. I'm too excited to be reading Green Eggs and Ham next week. Heehee. Anyhoo, the Tots thing is alright, but I'm still nervous a bit. The boring book I mentioned was simply a picture of something red (or someone wearing something red) and on the facing page, "My hat is red" or, "my overalls are red," etc. I really wanted to say, "My face is red," because I'm certain it was. Maybe I'll be a bit better this morning. I'll have the kids point out red objects in the room before I start the story. That should take up a bit of time. I'm wearing a good deal of red, so that will give them some options.

For the first time ever this morning, someone asked me where I was on 9/11. This is obviously the question of this generation, as "Where were you when Kennedy was shot?" was to a previous generation. I was in chem lab that morning. My teacher had stepped into the supply room to get something and then stepped back in and said the World Trade Center had fallen. My first thought was, "Whoa." Second thought: "So we get to leave school early, right?" That's probably representative of my insensitivity or my lack of desire to do any work or something. Oh, well. I burnt my thumb about twenty minutes later on a ceramic crucible. Hell of a day.

04 September 2009


Fridays I think are going to turn out to be my worst days at work. The greatest benefit is being able to listen to my headphones. Yay music! See, Friday is my day in the back--I'm to work in the (conveniently named) workroom and answer the phone so that the gals at the desk don't have to interrupt their work to deal with that. Cool. Whatever. Problem is that I don't really have a hell of a lot to do in the workroom. I think I may tackle reorganising my workspace, which could effectively use up today's time, but what about next Friday and the Friday after that? Yeah. I took care of ordering the audiobooks earlier this week. From now on, I'll know to hold that for Fridays. There's another company I need to make up an order for (from?). And there's a vendor coming later in the month whose wares I should look at before he comes, so I know what would be wise to choose. Also, it's my job to take care of programming. True, I've come up with quite a list of things to do but I'm dead tired and don't really feel like working. I purposely didn't check my email this morning so that I could do that here at work, but I've finished that and Reader so I dunno. I'd just be happier working out front, I guess, shelving and cataloging and doing circ work. I suppose that I could get to barcoding more Reference materials if I wanted, but that's such a monotonous job, really. I've got some magazines to barcode too. Okay, okay. There's plenty to do back here. I'd just rather not, that's all. I'm being a pain in the ass. It's okay; I'll get over it. However, I think this programming thing will have to wait until next Friday. It requires more concentration than I feel able to put forth right now. I only got about 3.5 hours of sleep last night, so I'm not at my best. And with that, I'm done with this blog. Rah.

31 August 2009

Kitty Litter

I just got my cable/phone/internet installed and did the obligatory channel-surf through the whole catalog. There's a few channels which are sorely missing with my service. Most notably, Turner Classic Movies. This was one of my favorite stations at the parentals'. *sigh* Surprisingly, I don't have Bravo. Most others I don't have (but would like to) I can survive without because it's no big deal. TCM is a big deal. I guess I should be glad I still have Netflix to satisfy my fix for old movies. Okay, enough bitching. The most important thing is that I will be able to watch Heroes when season four starts in September. Nothing else really matters, so I'm gonna check my email now (on my very own legal internet, woooo).
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25 August 2009

Rx Queen

Aside from the four books which are AWOL somewhere in my parents' house (and, frankly, have been for a very long time), I have finally catalogued every single book I own in LibraryThing. This is pretty monumental as my collection contains nearly 600 books. Wowsers.

23 August 2009

Come Undone

This shan't be one of those blogs in which I apologize for the neglect I've shown it once again. Let's all just agree that I suck at updating this with any regularity and move on.


Next week I will have my very own internet. And cable. With DVR. And a telephone line. In other words--I made a deal with the devil, AKA Comcast. Actually, why is it that Comcast gets so many complaints and attracts such barbs and general disgruntlement from people? It's not cheap, that's for sure, and it's often the only choice available (if you want decent internet speed, that is). Meh, not my problem.

Soooo excited about this weekend's concerts. Tonight, as I type, NIN is playing the entirety of The Downward Spiral in New York. This being the case, who knows what awesomeness Trent and Co. may have in store for Chicago. Perhaps TDS again; I daren't hope for the whole of The Fragile. In any case, this makes me oh so very very happy that we're going both nights. It's almost a given something special will happen. I know they're doing rather longer setlists than is typical (and typical for Nine Inch Nails is a reasonably long setlist to begin with).

It's a shame that I get blog ideas and rarely follow through with them, for one reason or another. One time, half the blog was lost and I didn't think I could properly re-create it. In other words, blame the goat. Another fell to waste because I waited too long and the ideas filtered out of my brain. Yet a third I may still write, but not tonight. The internet is too sketchy and I've already spent too much time at this computer today. Instead, I shall go read, or perhaps watch a movie.

07 August 2009

Roll Call (Reprise)

Geeeeeze, it's been forever since I updated this poor blog. I guess I must be busy or something. I have a new job, rah. I actually like this, so I think I'll stick around here for awhile.

24 June 2009


Yesterday I got a email rejection letter from one of the libraries I applied to in April or whenever. This was the one that when confirming receipt of my application, commented on the title of my resume (Hire_Me_I'm_Awesome.doc). Here's her rejection letter:

Dear Jessica,

Thank you so much for your interest in the Assistant Director’s Position [I actually applied to Assistant Reference Librarian, but whatever.] here at the Kelley Library. You do show some signs of being awesome, and I personally found your cover letter a delight. We discussed your application long and hard because of the many high qualifications. In the end, your distance from was a strong factor. We were reluctant to call you in should we, despite your awesomeness, decide to go with another candidate – it is a big expense for you. So with real regret we looked more locally.

It is clear that you have much to offer to a library, and I am sure that you will see much success. I know from personal experience that moving forward in our profession can be challenging but worth the effort. If by some chance you are still searching, take heart, just the right position is waiting for you. Again, thank you for considering us.

This was too good, so I emailed her back:

Thanks. I took a position not too long ago and will be starting that next week. It seems like a good fit. The fact that you referred to my awesomeness not once, but twice in your letter totally made my night, though. Best rejection letter ever!

Then she replied:

Congratulations! I am delighted to hear your, dare I say, awesome news. Best
of luck on your new position - I hope it provides many challenges and a great
deal of reward.

So friggin' cool. Had to share.

21 June 2009

Weird Fishes/Arpeggi

I'm home visiting the parentals this weekend. I've spent most of today reading a book for Tuesday's book club; I'm leading the discussion and I haven't finished the book yet. Whoops. Yesterday I spent time with Erin and then had dinner with her, Jenni, Amanda and Josh. Good times. Erin wants to go see Aerosmith and ZZ Top in Indy this summer. Definitely tempting, that one, even though we would only be able to afford lawn tickets. Maybe Jenni can sneak in her telephoto lens and still get decent pictures from back there.

It was so hot in this house earlier that I was nauseated. The A/C is on now, so I'm okay. Getting hungry, in fact, though dinner won't be ready for nearly two hours. Oh well.

I drove down here in a huge lightning storm. They had tornadoes in Westville, Daddy told me today. It wasn't that windy or even that rainy, but damn were there a lot of lightning strikes. Sure, the closest strikes were about a mile or two away, which is far away--but it looks damn close. It made for a slightly tense drive south. To tell the truth though, I kinda wished I'd seen strikes a bit closer. How awesome would it have been to see a tree explode with lightning in a field adjacent to the road? I guess I can't have everything.

09 June 2009

Me and Bobby McGee

I don't know why, but I had this song stuck in my head all morning. Weird, since it's hardly my favorite Janis tune and since I haven't heard it in several weeks.


I gave my current job notice yesterday. I start the new job on the 1st of July. It's a major change, but on the whole it should be a good one.

I found an apartment too, but need to talk to the landlady again to sort out the details. (She had a lot of details concerning her other rental units to figure out before giving me a call.)

I haven't yet started telling patrons that I'm going away; I'll leave that one for my final week, I think.

I wish there was a way to verify the ages of the kids who come up to me to use a computer. I would swear this one is not 16 (the age limit for using the computers in the adult section) but we don't list birthdate on patron records, so I can't truly know if he's lying or not. So I let him get on. Whatever. I don't honestly care, so long as he's quiet and isn't looking at porn.

That's it for now. Toodles.

28 May 2009

I'm Afraid of Americans

This must be what I get for drinking coffee so late in the evening. I'm totally not sleepy. I spent the last hour in bed trying and failing to sleep, so I decided to see what I could find in the wee morning hours on the internet. Yeah, I'm online at home. It seems I'm able to connect to an open network from my bedroom. It's a weak network, so much so that I can't get it in the livingroom pretty much ever, but it serves its purpose so I'm not complaining. Okay, I'll complain a little bit: sitting on the floor like this is putting my legs to sleep, which isn't cool. I've lost all feeling in my left foot. This being the case, I think I'll give up on the computer and try once again to get some sleep. I have to wake up in a little over six hours.

20 May 2009

One To The Right

This song came on my iPod on my way to work. I hear LBC has a new album coming out soon. Def looking forward to that.

I keep neglecting this poor blog. It's probably growing resentful of me. It may just strike out on its own, posting LOLcats and links to creepy porn, completely irregardless of my wishes. In order to stave off my blog's prodigal nature, I'm gonna clip a tidbit in here from the journal I write at work in my Google Docs file. It's the one where I bitch about patrons and such-like and is therefpore inappropriate for wider viewing (just in case a coworker or patron - heaven forbid - comes across my little space of the interwebs).

This is something I wrote a couple of weeks ago, and as it's about writing, it fits here, yeah?

I just noticed something about my writing. It has a sort of detached air to it. Someone once told me that I write just like I speak, which makes me wonder if I also speak (and probably think) with a detached air. Answer: yes. I don't so much say what I'm feeling as describe what I'm feeling. That's a subtle distinction and not very clear. Let me try again. I tend to talk about how things make me feel, rather than outpour the emotion itself into my writing. Once again I am confronted with how much of a cold-hearted bitch I really am. How did I get this way? Has it always been so? I think, yes, it has.

Anyhoo, life has been decent of late, for once. I've been going to yoga classes regularly (not this week, though; I'm working evenings). I haven't felt as strapped for cash these past couple weeks as I had before, which is a relief. In less than two weeks I get to see NIN not once, but twice. This alone brings the awesomeness level of my life up by 90%.

My stolen internet is no longer available, so I'm working on being responsible and getting internet of my own. As this will include cable, I guess it won't be so bad. The only problem is the bloody installation fee of 100 bucks. Curse you, Comcast. I'll not worry about making it wireless for awhile. My computer is close enough to the cable outlet that I can keep it hardlined anyway. It's only when I finally get that spare bedroom sorted out that I'll move the computer in there and need wi-fi. That's long down the road as I need to buy more bookshelves before I can do anything with that room. Argh.

14 May 2009

Bad Habit

Last night I awoke to hear my downstairs neighbor in the throes of love. It wasn't as annoying as you might think, since all I heard were short, clipped "oh"s which had humoursly made their way into my dream before I woke up. The dream was some sort of animated cartoon description of horseback riders and there was one very girly rider with huge bushy reddish-brown hair that covered her whole back and she kept saying "oh" every time the horse moved. Too funny.

I think a dude just got arrested here at the library. I don't why as I haven't had the opportunity to talk to one of our cops and ask, but our two regular guys were here and then two more cops showed up and approached the dude and made him stand up, patted him down, asked him a few quick questions, and led him away. He seemed a nice enough dude to me; I wonder what's up.

25 April 2009

Legions (War)

This has been the longest day of laundry in the entire history of my life, and I still haven't finished. Thank God I'm at home doing this rather than at a laundromat. True, at a laundromat I could have finished earlier having the benefit of using several machines at the same time, but think of all the money I would have spent. I think I've got seven loads here. That's definitely more than 10 dollars, which is what I almost have in quarters. Long day.

I was going to burn a CD for my daddy, but I forgot. That's okay; I need to buy silver and/or gold markers first to write on my omgsogoth black cd-r's. Alsooo, I realised that the album and ep won't both fit on a single 80-minute cd. It goes over by about 3 minutes. Tears. The artist in question is Zoe Keating, whose ep and album I downloaded earlier this week. Sooooo good. Truly. Necessity of life. If she ever comes around this way, I'm definitely going to go see her play.

The real test in all this laundry craziness is how long the folded laundry will remain in the hampers used for transportation before I hang the shirts in the closet and put the rest in the appropriate drawers. I'm willing to bet it won't be done Sunday night when I get home. Monday then? Tuesday? Likely it will wait until I can no longer just grab clothes from the top to wear on a given day. It could be all week at that rate. Never underestimate the limit of my procrastination. How else would I have ended up with so much laundry to bring home for washing?

20 April 2009

Terrible Lie

The computer heathens are really dragging me down lately. They keep testing us to see what they can get away with. Okay, so this is normal, but last week we had an incident that got way out of hand, thanks to a bitch of a patron and a coworker who said something in response that was wildly inappropriate. Soon we'll have an automated system on the computers that will allow for better appropriation of computer usage. Until then, I just have to wait for the next blow-up because it's coming. That one patron will make certain of it, I'm sure.

In other news, I have a cold. Not quite so bad as to warrant a doctor's visit but unpleasant nonetheless.

This is going to be another long week, I can feel it. At least there's a light at the end of the tunnel. I'm going home for the weekend.

13 April 2009

The Engine Driver

Okay, so I'm not really listening to The Decemberists right now, as I'm at work, but I did hear it yesterday and the song was stuck in my head all night, so that's close enough for me.

I'm frustrated beyond belief. I have a program going on right now. It's my second ever. As far as I know, the dude is sitting in an empty room, with no patrons to talk to. Once again the newspaper did not print anything in their Around Town segment on the program. I even emailed back and forth with a real person about it, and it still didn't get printed. I have another email address that I'll try next time. Tomorrow probably, as I'm too frustrated at the moment to concentrate on it right now. The dude is scheduled to be here until 4 o'clock. Hopefully at least one person shows up before then. I posted several flyers around town and a few here in the building; maybe they were enough to generate interest in a few people so that they come. I hope.

If this happens a third time, then I don't know why I even bother. I'm getting paid to schedule programs that aren't being attended. This is ridiculous. I feel useless enough at this job as it is. The next program is one where we had to pay the speaker a good deal of money to come. If that one falls through like these other two, then it's a bit bigger deal as we'd be losing money on the gig.

The dude just came up here. He had one person come in. That's one more than I expected. It's an hour early, but he's left now. No need to stay any longer I guess. Sigh. I feel like such a fucking failure.

30 March 2009

The Jeep Song

I feel I ought to type something here, simply because it's been so long. I feel I've neglected my poor blog. I use twitter while at work, but that's mostly to read, not to write.

I had an amusing story about a raccoon, but as I've already told in person (or over the phone) to the only people who might be bothered to read this blog, there's no point reiterating it here.

So what else is new in the life of Jessiqa? I'm still working here at the library. I've learned most of the computer heathens' names. Today, I unintentionally took Daddy's advice for shaking things up by scheduling two people for the same computer. Whoops. It worked out alright though, thankfully. I turned 27 earlier this month. Not much of a milestone really, but I got to hang with friends that weekend, which was hella awesome, even if Ruby Tuesday now sucks because they changed their recipe for their veggie burgers. Tears.

I had only one program in the month of March and it was a flop. My next program is in a couple of weeks. Hopefully this one will go better, though I sometimes feel as though no one is really paying any attention to what I'm doing on the job anyway. As though the powers that be likely won't know if I fail at what they hired me to do. Conversly, they may not know if I do something tremendously awesome. Remind me why I went to school for this again.

That's about it for now, I think. I'll pop back in to update in another few weeks or so. ;)

01 March 2009


I think the snow has finally stopped for the day. Hopefully, most of it will have melted or blown away so that I don't have to spend too much time tomorrow morning cleaning off the car. I'm lazy.

Oh, I just glanced at the Weather Channel's website. Apparently we're under a Lake Effect Snow Advisory until 9AM. Suckage. That's okay. I'm not waking up until 830.

If the ten-day forecast holds, then it will warm up later in the week, even reaching the 50s on Thursday or Friday. Rock on.

This weekend, I watched the first season of Twin Peaks. Good show. I can't wait to get the second season. It seems everyone on the show is duplicitous, even triplicitous. Yes, I just invented that word. This show requires the invention of such a word, trust me.

I'm vaguely considering going to see Watchmen this weekend. I don't know if it's Ericka's thing though. And Jenni will likely be obligated to go see it with her hubby. Maybe I'll go on my own next Monday, as all movies are five bucks, and that's awesome.

27 February 2009

The Clicking of Multiple Keyboards

I'm at work, so there is no music from which I can glean a post title. Tears. I miss the days of listening to my iPod in the workroom. More tears.

Last night I found the buckeyes Janet gave me for good luck. I had completely forgotten about them. It kinda put me in a weepy mood for the evening. I'm such a sap.

Yay, we close in an hour and a half. Imma gonna take me a break here soon. Maybe I'll snag a cookie in the staff room.

Man, patrons seem talkative today. At least that one dude didn't hit on me today. I don't like being called 'sweetheart' by people I don't want to be friendly with. It's a very subjective rule, true, but whatevs.

26 February 2009

If I Am

If I had any sense I would take out my contacts and put my glasses on. I would also eat dinner. I don't know why I'm not hungry yet. True, I ate some candy when I got home from work, but even that was some time ago. Hmmm. Maybe I'll just have a bowl of Cream of Wheat. How exciting!

This is a lonely place. I met some librarians from other facilities within our system this morning. We discussed adult programming. I'm still intimidated by the prospect but less so than I was before this morning's meeting. I have some contact info now, so that I can pick the brains of a few of these folks. Truthfully, more than advice on programming, I'd like to strike up a friendship with these people. I need more peers. We'll see what happens.

I'm thinking of starting a journal all about my work and experiences here at my new job. It could serve some purpose in the future. Or maybe not. It would keep my fingers and brain busy at the very least, and really, what more could I ask for?

OK, I really need to deal with this dry contacts situation. Thus ends today's blog.

23 February 2009

She's Electric

34 minutes left and I get to go home.

I had vaguely considered going to a movie tonight since a nearby theatre does $5 Mondays but I'm pretty damn poor until the 6th so I should probably pass and take advantage of the lower price on the 9th when the Jenster will be over for a visit. She's coming because my birthday is on the 8th. 27 years old, I will be. Wow. Who knew I was that close to 30 already? It really snuck up on me, that one. (Firefox tells me that 'snuck' is not a word. I disagree.)

Whoops, time to yell, I mean, tell the patrons that their computer time is up.

Well, that's done. I still have about ten minutes before I can start turning off the copiers

Make that five. Woot.

I'm sure there's something else I ought to do, but damned if I know what it is. Geez.

We have three and since there's pretty much no one here, I thought I'd go ahead, but as soon as I turned off one, someone came in to make a copy at the last minute. Figures.

Okay. NOW I can turn off the copiers.

Okay. Time to get out of here.


16 February 2009


This is Day 4 in the new apartment. I'm getting more and more used to it. There's so much work to do, much of which I haven't even begun. As my mom reminded me yesterday, it doesn't have to be perfect at the end of the week. There's no rush. I think there was a part of me that really felt I needed to get everything cleaned and put where it belongs by the time I trek home to the Vegas on Friday. Now, I keep reminding myself of what Mom said so that I can justify spending an inordinate amount of time organising my CDs (don't ask) and an semi-ordinate (is that a word?) amount of time watching The X-Files.

Speaking of which, demonbaby recently posted a picture of his Flukeman shirt on Twitpic and it reminded me of how I hate that episode. Through 9 good, mediocre, scary, funny, conspiracy-laden seasons of this show and only one episode really and truly bothers me. It gives me the willies. I've started it three times, but only finished it once. This makes me wonder whether I'll be able to/want to finish it once I get around to it in the near future. I know it's from the first or second season, so it won't be too long: I just finished the first disc of the first season today.

I'm sitting on my bed using stolen internet with a rather low reception. I get better reception in the living room, but that's not where I'm sitting right now. It's all the way down the hall. Hahaha. I should probably go out of the house at least once today. We've reached a startling high of 37 degrees today, thought it's only 34 right now. Meh. I still have a Starbucks gift card I could use, but I don't really see the point. If I cleaned the coffee maker, I could make my own (which would taste nothing like Starbuck's as it's not espresso, but that's beside the point).

I was listening to John Cleese's podcast earlier. Funny stuff. I have nothing else to ramble on about, really, I just keep typing because I like the sound of the keys clicking.

06 February 2009

The Shoop Shoop Song

I am so completely overwhelmed by everything right now. People keep asking me if I'm excited or eager about this new job. No, I'm not. I don't think I'm going to like it. I'm sure I can do it, yeah, but it doesn't seem like a job or place I'll enjoy. I took the job because I need it, not because I want it. So, no, I'm not excited. I'm weary. I'm resigned. I'm only excited about the apartment, but at this point, being in the middle of moving and having so much work to do, I'm not so keen on it anymore either. I'm done. Can I go back and say no? I just want to sleep for forty years. Can I be Rip Van Winkle? Can I get conked on the head or something and wake up in an alternate universe? Maybe Discworld? I'd die in a half a second on the streets of Ankh-Morpork, it's true, but even that seems a welcome alternative to my current reality.

04 February 2009

Diamond Dogs

I feel like the rock monster in The Neverending Story who kept looking down at his hands and saying, "They used to be such big, strong hands," only I'm saying, "They used to be such nice, soft hands." I need industrial strength lotion.

If you haven't heard "Bale Out," find it on Youtube. It's a necessity of life.

My cup of coffee is empty which is damn near a crime at this godawful time of the morning.

The only huge things I'll need to move out after today is my desk, bed, and chair. Fun times. Oy!

29 January 2009

Walking with a Ghost

It's still really hard to believe all of this: That I am packing and moving. That I will finally have an apartment of my own. That I have a real job waiting for me in February. Generally, when I try to comprehend surreality of all this my brain responds thusly:

27 January 2009

In This Twilight

Remind me again why I'm moving.

This packing nonsense is awful. I finally got all my CDs packed away, but there's still lots of DVDs and VHS tapes. Not to mention all the books and other random crap that's accumulated in my room over the past 26 years or so. Do you know I have two Kermit the Frog dolls. Two. I have no idea why. They've both been packed.

Shit son, John Updike died today. Lung Cancer. I feel kinda bad I always called him Upchuck. Still, I'm no fan of his writing style. (He used far too many sentence fragments and run-on sentences for my taste.) He was 76 years old. He will be sorely missed, I'm sure. Here's the AP news release.

Golden Eye

I'm wiped out and about ready to go to bed, but Jenni reminded me this evening that I have not yet posted about getting a job. (Though I think she's my only reader, so I'm not sure how much it matters. Haha.) Anyhoo, I am now employed as a reference librarian at a small public library in the south suburbs of Chicago. I start on the 16th of February and I've already got an apartment, so I'm pretty much set. Yay!

In other news, I got a spam email today from Андрон Володин entitled "Your lips so soft and smooth." I laughed out loud at that one. I also misspelled 'laughed' twice, so I think it's time for bed.

18 January 2009

Perdido Street Blues

Here's to another blog written purely out of boredom. Woo.

I was sorely disappointed a few minutes ago when I remembered that this is Sunday which means no Daily Show. *sigh* I should go on hulu.com and watch Thursday's. I forgot to tune in that night. Does it air on Fridays? It didn't used to, but I don't know if they changed that. I don't think so; it's probably just wishful thinking on my part.

I'm listening to Dido. It makes me want to watch Love Actually. Such a good movie.

I should finish reading the Sunday funnies. I only finished the first page when I got distracted by talking to Jenni online. Also, my neck hurts, so it's about time I get up away from the computer for awhile.


11 January 2009

Making Progress

Not for the first time in my life, I put my underwear on inside-out today and didn't notice until I'd already had them on for some time. Whatever, they'll just stay inside-out, dammit.

The last post and this one are both titled according to whatever song happened to be playing in iTunes at the moment of me typing. Maybe I should make that my theme for the year. Trouble is that I'd end up with duplicate titles the way I tend to listen to certain artists on repeat. Nonetheless, an intriguing idea.

09 January 2009


I've been offered a job as a reference librarian in a small public library up north. It's decent pay. Nevermind that I have no experience in reference or adult programming, but whatevs, can't be that hard, right? I have a meeting with the library director and the board members in about a week and a half; the board members have to approve the director's decision to hire me. I think I'll get it. The director was *this* close to hiring me in August, but passed on me because I have no Spanish fluency and the position required developing the Spanish collection. It still does, as the person I would be replacing did that, but he doesn't seem to think it's that important.

Yeah. Good news. Finally. I only graduated over a year ago with this fucking masters degree, I guess it's about time I get a job, even if it is in an ugly little industrial town. Hahaha.

Oh jeez, I'm so nervous.

05 January 2009

Sock Woes

The problem with an overstuffed sock drawer is that one cannot get to the socks on the bottom or in the back without spilling the socks in the top-front onto the floor. This leaves one to choose only those socks near the top-front so as not to make a mess. However this limits one's sock choices to only those that have recently been washed and put away so that those socks that have not been worn recently will not be worn in the near future either. This means that the sock collection is so large that it is essentially reduced to a small number. Ooooh, paradox.

01 January 2009


Shall I consider it a signal of the coming year that the very first song I played on iTunes in 2009 was by Meathead?

Before I list off this years resolutions, let's see how I did on last year's.

Well I'm still in the Vegas, but I got a second part-time job to tide me over while I continue to search for a proper job. My CD and DVD addictions are coming along swimmingly. I started yoga in March. I love it. I even go to a class on Wednesdays, which reminds me that I need to sign up for the next session. Though I didn't get to see either Tori Amos or The Cure live this year, I saw NIN twice, also Amanda Palmer, Tiger Army, Saul Williams, Elsinore, and The Dresden Dolls. I got/bought lots of socks this year. Lots and lots of socks. I still don't know how to juggle though.

Okay, so this year now:

Learn to juggle.
Solve the Rubick's cube Aunt Cathy gave me for Christmas and I never should have touched.
Do more yoga and less noga.*
Eat healthier foods.
Continue feeding the CD, DVD, and concert addictions.
Write more. Whether here, in my leather-bound journal, or elsewhere, just write. This is a skill I should never let lie fallow.
Procrastinate less.
Find my camera. I know it's here somewhere.
Finish Lolita. It's very good, but I keep forgetting to listen to it. I guess I'm just not an audiobook person.

* See also 'random thoughts from comments' 1.