01 January 2009


Shall I consider it a signal of the coming year that the very first song I played on iTunes in 2009 was by Meathead?

Before I list off this years resolutions, let's see how I did on last year's.

Well I'm still in the Vegas, but I got a second part-time job to tide me over while I continue to search for a proper job. My CD and DVD addictions are coming along swimmingly. I started yoga in March. I love it. I even go to a class on Wednesdays, which reminds me that I need to sign up for the next session. Though I didn't get to see either Tori Amos or The Cure live this year, I saw NIN twice, also Amanda Palmer, Tiger Army, Saul Williams, Elsinore, and The Dresden Dolls. I got/bought lots of socks this year. Lots and lots of socks. I still don't know how to juggle though.

Okay, so this year now:

Learn to juggle.
Solve the Rubick's cube Aunt Cathy gave me for Christmas and I never should have touched.
Do more yoga and less noga.*
Eat healthier foods.
Continue feeding the CD, DVD, and concert addictions.
Write more. Whether here, in my leather-bound journal, or elsewhere, just write. This is a skill I should never let lie fallow.
Procrastinate less.
Find my camera. I know it's here somewhere.
Finish Lolita. It's very good, but I keep forgetting to listen to it. I guess I'm just not an audiobook person.

* See also 'random thoughts from comments' 1.

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