09 January 2009


I've been offered a job as a reference librarian in a small public library up north. It's decent pay. Nevermind that I have no experience in reference or adult programming, but whatevs, can't be that hard, right? I have a meeting with the library director and the board members in about a week and a half; the board members have to approve the director's decision to hire me. I think I'll get it. The director was *this* close to hiring me in August, but passed on me because I have no Spanish fluency and the position required developing the Spanish collection. It still does, as the person I would be replacing did that, but he doesn't seem to think it's that important.

Yeah. Good news. Finally. I only graduated over a year ago with this fucking masters degree, I guess it's about time I get a job, even if it is in an ugly little industrial town. Hahaha.

Oh jeez, I'm so nervous.

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