27 February 2009

The Clicking of Multiple Keyboards

I'm at work, so there is no music from which I can glean a post title. Tears. I miss the days of listening to my iPod in the workroom. More tears.

Last night I found the buckeyes Janet gave me for good luck. I had completely forgotten about them. It kinda put me in a weepy mood for the evening. I'm such a sap.

Yay, we close in an hour and a half. Imma gonna take me a break here soon. Maybe I'll snag a cookie in the staff room.

Man, patrons seem talkative today. At least that one dude didn't hit on me today. I don't like being called 'sweetheart' by people I don't want to be friendly with. It's a very subjective rule, true, but whatevs.

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