23 February 2009

She's Electric

34 minutes left and I get to go home.

I had vaguely considered going to a movie tonight since a nearby theatre does $5 Mondays but I'm pretty damn poor until the 6th so I should probably pass and take advantage of the lower price on the 9th when the Jenster will be over for a visit. She's coming because my birthday is on the 8th. 27 years old, I will be. Wow. Who knew I was that close to 30 already? It really snuck up on me, that one. (Firefox tells me that 'snuck' is not a word. I disagree.)

Whoops, time to yell, I mean, tell the patrons that their computer time is up.

Well, that's done. I still have about ten minutes before I can start turning off the copiers

Make that five. Woot.

I'm sure there's something else I ought to do, but damned if I know what it is. Geez.

We have three and since there's pretty much no one here, I thought I'd go ahead, but as soon as I turned off one, someone came in to make a copy at the last minute. Figures.

Okay. NOW I can turn off the copiers.

Okay. Time to get out of here.


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