01 March 2009


I think the snow has finally stopped for the day. Hopefully, most of it will have melted or blown away so that I don't have to spend too much time tomorrow morning cleaning off the car. I'm lazy.

Oh, I just glanced at the Weather Channel's website. Apparently we're under a Lake Effect Snow Advisory until 9AM. Suckage. That's okay. I'm not waking up until 830.

If the ten-day forecast holds, then it will warm up later in the week, even reaching the 50s on Thursday or Friday. Rock on.

This weekend, I watched the first season of Twin Peaks. Good show. I can't wait to get the second season. It seems everyone on the show is duplicitous, even triplicitous. Yes, I just invented that word. This show requires the invention of such a word, trust me.

I'm vaguely considering going to see Watchmen this weekend. I don't know if it's Ericka's thing though. And Jenni will likely be obligated to go see it with her hubby. Maybe I'll go on my own next Monday, as all movies are five bucks, and that's awesome.

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