25 April 2009

Legions (War)

This has been the longest day of laundry in the entire history of my life, and I still haven't finished. Thank God I'm at home doing this rather than at a laundromat. True, at a laundromat I could have finished earlier having the benefit of using several machines at the same time, but think of all the money I would have spent. I think I've got seven loads here. That's definitely more than 10 dollars, which is what I almost have in quarters. Long day.

I was going to burn a CD for my daddy, but I forgot. That's okay; I need to buy silver and/or gold markers first to write on my omgsogoth black cd-r's. Alsooo, I realised that the album and ep won't both fit on a single 80-minute cd. It goes over by about 3 minutes. Tears. The artist in question is Zoe Keating, whose ep and album I downloaded earlier this week. Sooooo good. Truly. Necessity of life. If she ever comes around this way, I'm definitely going to go see her play.

The real test in all this laundry craziness is how long the folded laundry will remain in the hampers used for transportation before I hang the shirts in the closet and put the rest in the appropriate drawers. I'm willing to bet it won't be done Sunday night when I get home. Monday then? Tuesday? Likely it will wait until I can no longer just grab clothes from the top to wear on a given day. It could be all week at that rate. Never underestimate the limit of my procrastination. How else would I have ended up with so much laundry to bring home for washing?

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