14 May 2009

Bad Habit

Last night I awoke to hear my downstairs neighbor in the throes of love. It wasn't as annoying as you might think, since all I heard were short, clipped "oh"s which had humoursly made their way into my dream before I woke up. The dream was some sort of animated cartoon description of horseback riders and there was one very girly rider with huge bushy reddish-brown hair that covered her whole back and she kept saying "oh" every time the horse moved. Too funny.

I think a dude just got arrested here at the library. I don't why as I haven't had the opportunity to talk to one of our cops and ask, but our two regular guys were here and then two more cops showed up and approached the dude and made him stand up, patted him down, asked him a few quick questions, and led him away. He seemed a nice enough dude to me; I wonder what's up.

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