20 May 2009

One To The Right

This song came on my iPod on my way to work. I hear LBC has a new album coming out soon. Def looking forward to that.

I keep neglecting this poor blog. It's probably growing resentful of me. It may just strike out on its own, posting LOLcats and links to creepy porn, completely irregardless of my wishes. In order to stave off my blog's prodigal nature, I'm gonna clip a tidbit in here from the journal I write at work in my Google Docs file. It's the one where I bitch about patrons and such-like and is therefpore inappropriate for wider viewing (just in case a coworker or patron - heaven forbid - comes across my little space of the interwebs).

This is something I wrote a couple of weeks ago, and as it's about writing, it fits here, yeah?

I just noticed something about my writing. It has a sort of detached air to it. Someone once told me that I write just like I speak, which makes me wonder if I also speak (and probably think) with a detached air. Answer: yes. I don't so much say what I'm feeling as describe what I'm feeling. That's a subtle distinction and not very clear. Let me try again. I tend to talk about how things make me feel, rather than outpour the emotion itself into my writing. Once again I am confronted with how much of a cold-hearted bitch I really am. How did I get this way? Has it always been so? I think, yes, it has.

Anyhoo, life has been decent of late, for once. I've been going to yoga classes regularly (not this week, though; I'm working evenings). I haven't felt as strapped for cash these past couple weeks as I had before, which is a relief. In less than two weeks I get to see NIN not once, but twice. This alone brings the awesomeness level of my life up by 90%.

My stolen internet is no longer available, so I'm working on being responsible and getting internet of my own. As this will include cable, I guess it won't be so bad. The only problem is the bloody installation fee of 100 bucks. Curse you, Comcast. I'll not worry about making it wireless for awhile. My computer is close enough to the cable outlet that I can keep it hardlined anyway. It's only when I finally get that spare bedroom sorted out that I'll move the computer in there and need wi-fi. That's long down the road as I need to buy more bookshelves before I can do anything with that room. Argh.

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