24 June 2009


Yesterday I got a email rejection letter from one of the libraries I applied to in April or whenever. This was the one that when confirming receipt of my application, commented on the title of my resume (Hire_Me_I'm_Awesome.doc). Here's her rejection letter:

Dear Jessica,

Thank you so much for your interest in the Assistant Director’s Position [I actually applied to Assistant Reference Librarian, but whatever.] here at the Kelley Library. You do show some signs of being awesome, and I personally found your cover letter a delight. We discussed your application long and hard because of the many high qualifications. In the end, your distance from was a strong factor. We were reluctant to call you in should we, despite your awesomeness, decide to go with another candidate – it is a big expense for you. So with real regret we looked more locally.

It is clear that you have much to offer to a library, and I am sure that you will see much success. I know from personal experience that moving forward in our profession can be challenging but worth the effort. If by some chance you are still searching, take heart, just the right position is waiting for you. Again, thank you for considering us.

This was too good, so I emailed her back:

Thanks. I took a position not too long ago and will be starting that next week. It seems like a good fit. The fact that you referred to my awesomeness not once, but twice in your letter totally made my night, though. Best rejection letter ever!

Then she replied:

Congratulations! I am delighted to hear your, dare I say, awesome news. Best
of luck on your new position - I hope it provides many challenges and a great
deal of reward.

So friggin' cool. Had to share.

21 June 2009

Weird Fishes/Arpeggi

I'm home visiting the parentals this weekend. I've spent most of today reading a book for Tuesday's book club; I'm leading the discussion and I haven't finished the book yet. Whoops. Yesterday I spent time with Erin and then had dinner with her, Jenni, Amanda and Josh. Good times. Erin wants to go see Aerosmith and ZZ Top in Indy this summer. Definitely tempting, that one, even though we would only be able to afford lawn tickets. Maybe Jenni can sneak in her telephoto lens and still get decent pictures from back there.

It was so hot in this house earlier that I was nauseated. The A/C is on now, so I'm okay. Getting hungry, in fact, though dinner won't be ready for nearly two hours. Oh well.

I drove down here in a huge lightning storm. They had tornadoes in Westville, Daddy told me today. It wasn't that windy or even that rainy, but damn were there a lot of lightning strikes. Sure, the closest strikes were about a mile or two away, which is far away--but it looks damn close. It made for a slightly tense drive south. To tell the truth though, I kinda wished I'd seen strikes a bit closer. How awesome would it have been to see a tree explode with lightning in a field adjacent to the road? I guess I can't have everything.

09 June 2009

Me and Bobby McGee

I don't know why, but I had this song stuck in my head all morning. Weird, since it's hardly my favorite Janis tune and since I haven't heard it in several weeks.


I gave my current job notice yesterday. I start the new job on the 1st of July. It's a major change, but on the whole it should be a good one.

I found an apartment too, but need to talk to the landlady again to sort out the details. (She had a lot of details concerning her other rental units to figure out before giving me a call.)

I haven't yet started telling patrons that I'm going away; I'll leave that one for my final week, I think.

I wish there was a way to verify the ages of the kids who come up to me to use a computer. I would swear this one is not 16 (the age limit for using the computers in the adult section) but we don't list birthdate on patron records, so I can't truly know if he's lying or not. So I let him get on. Whatever. I don't honestly care, so long as he's quiet and isn't looking at porn.

That's it for now. Toodles.