24 June 2009


Yesterday I got a email rejection letter from one of the libraries I applied to in April or whenever. This was the one that when confirming receipt of my application, commented on the title of my resume (Hire_Me_I'm_Awesome.doc). Here's her rejection letter:

Dear Jessica,

Thank you so much for your interest in the Assistant Director’s Position [I actually applied to Assistant Reference Librarian, but whatever.] here at the Kelley Library. You do show some signs of being awesome, and I personally found your cover letter a delight. We discussed your application long and hard because of the many high qualifications. In the end, your distance from was a strong factor. We were reluctant to call you in should we, despite your awesomeness, decide to go with another candidate – it is a big expense for you. So with real regret we looked more locally.

It is clear that you have much to offer to a library, and I am sure that you will see much success. I know from personal experience that moving forward in our profession can be challenging but worth the effort. If by some chance you are still searching, take heart, just the right position is waiting for you. Again, thank you for considering us.

This was too good, so I emailed her back:

Thanks. I took a position not too long ago and will be starting that next week. It seems like a good fit. The fact that you referred to my awesomeness not once, but twice in your letter totally made my night, though. Best rejection letter ever!

Then she replied:

Congratulations! I am delighted to hear your, dare I say, awesome news. Best
of luck on your new position - I hope it provides many challenges and a great
deal of reward.

So friggin' cool. Had to share.