23 August 2009

Come Undone

This shan't be one of those blogs in which I apologize for the neglect I've shown it once again. Let's all just agree that I suck at updating this with any regularity and move on.


Next week I will have my very own internet. And cable. With DVR. And a telephone line. In other words--I made a deal with the devil, AKA Comcast. Actually, why is it that Comcast gets so many complaints and attracts such barbs and general disgruntlement from people? It's not cheap, that's for sure, and it's often the only choice available (if you want decent internet speed, that is). Meh, not my problem.

Soooo excited about this weekend's concerts. Tonight, as I type, NIN is playing the entirety of The Downward Spiral in New York. This being the case, who knows what awesomeness Trent and Co. may have in store for Chicago. Perhaps TDS again; I daren't hope for the whole of The Fragile. In any case, this makes me oh so very very happy that we're going both nights. It's almost a given something special will happen. I know they're doing rather longer setlists than is typical (and typical for Nine Inch Nails is a reasonably long setlist to begin with).

It's a shame that I get blog ideas and rarely follow through with them, for one reason or another. One time, half the blog was lost and I didn't think I could properly re-create it. In other words, blame the goat. Another fell to waste because I waited too long and the ideas filtered out of my brain. Yet a third I may still write, but not tonight. The internet is too sketchy and I've already spent too much time at this computer today. Instead, I shall go read, or perhaps watch a movie.

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