11 September 2009

List of Demands

Once again, I am blogging from my work desk on a Friday when I ought to be working, but whatevs. I have my iPod to keep me company and by typing the blog first in Google Docs I can at least look busy, so all's good. Wednesday night, I did my very first Tots program which is the storytime & crafts program for preschoolers. There were two parents, each with two kids, so hardly an unmanageable number of kidlets. I read a couple stories, one of which was very dull and I won't be using this morning when I do my repeat session. The theme of this week is red. Next week, we'll be doing green. I'm too excited to be reading Green Eggs and Ham next week. Heehee. Anyhoo, the Tots thing is alright, but I'm still nervous a bit. The boring book I mentioned was simply a picture of something red (or someone wearing something red) and on the facing page, "My hat is red" or, "my overalls are red," etc. I really wanted to say, "My face is red," because I'm certain it was. Maybe I'll be a bit better this morning. I'll have the kids point out red objects in the room before I start the story. That should take up a bit of time. I'm wearing a good deal of red, so that will give them some options.

For the first time ever this morning, someone asked me where I was on 9/11. This is obviously the question of this generation, as "Where were you when Kennedy was shot?" was to a previous generation. I was in chem lab that morning. My teacher had stepped into the supply room to get something and then stepped back in and said the World Trade Center had fallen. My first thought was, "Whoa." Second thought: "So we get to leave school early, right?" That's probably representative of my insensitivity or my lack of desire to do any work or something. Oh, well. I burnt my thumb about twenty minutes later on a ceramic crucible. Hell of a day.

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