02 October 2009

Devil's Dance

As it turns out I never properly updated my Halloween playlist in iTunes after the Crash of '08. All I did was throw a few obvious choices in there (The Nightmare Before Christmas, Bauhaus, some AFI, some Manson, etc). Thankfully, I still have the complete playlist on my iPod (because why the hell would I delete awesomeness like that just because the season is over?). This reminds me of when K told me I was the only person she knew who had a Halloween playlist. Hahaha. Speaking of K, I need to call her; I miss her and all the gals at DPL. *sigh*

The Tots program seems to be going fairly well. I tried something which I thought would be really cool on Wednesday night but it didn't go over so well, so I left it out this morning. Ah, well. This is definitely a learning process. I'm waiting for a phone call from a contact at an audiobook company so I can ask him some questions about our account. I keep getting conflicting information from the gals here. I can't help but wonder how they have managed to keep anything straight. I sure don't understand, which is why I need to talk to the dude. Unfortunately I get very awkward-sounding (Who me? Never!) when leaving messages on voicemail, so I'm hoping he caught my name , library and phone number. If he doesn't call back by Tuesday, I'll send him an email. I'm a much better writer than speaker. Maybe I should have gone that route to begin with. *sigh*

Ooh, ooh. I have a nameplate to sit on my desk now. S brought it to me this afternoon. She's like, "You're official now!" Def excited. They even spelled my name right. My name is prefaced with the title "Ms." My parents and I had a discussion over this title the other day, because I mentioned that one of the high school students had called me by my first name and that sort of threw me a) because I'm a teacher/librarian and it's not usual to use first names with such people, and b) I had no idea she even knew my name; I don't know hers. Anyway, Mom said that I need to point out to the students that they need to call me Miss A. I said that one of the teachers had introduced me earlier that week to her students as Ms. A (actually, I introduced myself; the teacher forgot my name). Mom misheard me and said, "At least you don't go by 'Ms.'" I said, "I do." I'm not married and therefore not a Mrs. and 'Miss' sounds too condescending. Daddy chimed in and said that 'Miss' doesn't sound right for any past her teens or very early twenties. I agree. Mom seems to be under the impression that 'Ms.' is something solely used by feminists in order to hide whether or not they may be married or some such nonsense. *sigh*

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