26 November 2009

Gotta Be Somebody's Blues

Seems to be an instrumental version.

I have ventured into the world of sales: I've placed my first item on eBay. I used Mom's account, since she already has a decent rep and has her PayPal all set up. So far I have three bids. I sincerely hope it sells at 200 or better (preferably better). Yeah, I'm nervous. Hahaha.

Have a peek.

25 November 2009


I just remembered that I had a dark grey metal cuff bracelet that I used to wear 24/7 but haven't worn in quite some time. I probably haven't worn it since I moved here. I just looked through all my purses and bags and jewelry cases to try to find this bracelet. Thing is, I can't remember when, where, or why I last took it off. I think I must have been living in the Heights at the time, and I'm certain I cleared everything out of that apartment, so if it was there, it should be here somewhere. Unless I took it off at my parents' house, or somewhere else altogether unguessable.

I wish I had a good memory.

20 November 2009

Where is everybody?

There was some other song stuck in my head all night, but now I can't remember it. It'll come back to me probably, though. I ought to be working. Once again I am too fucking lazy and tired to do much of anything at work on a Friday morning. I slept well last night, but I didn't the night before and now it's really hit me. So, yeah, I wish I were back in bed. I'd claim to have a migraine some time after Tots so that I could go home early, but I promised my afternoon hour in the workroom to Pam because she missed hers (through a series of fuck-ups on my part - long story) on Tuesday. If I left, she would feel obliged not to come into the workroom. I don't want to give her the shaft twice so I'll stick around. And there's no sense in going home after that, because there'd only be two hours left in the day from that point, anyhow. I'd go straight home after that and take a nap, but I really need to get to Walmart before the deli closes so I can get some sliced turkey for tomorrow's program. That's what I'm currently avoiding: I need to make examples of each of the craft projects I intend to have the patrons do tomorrow, but I haven't gotten around to it yet. I think I'll take the stuff home and do it tonight. Jeez. I've never had so much homework on this job as I have this week. Mostly because I failed during the workday to get shit done. This had better not be a habit. Nah, most weeks, I'm on top of things, but this week I had the conference in Champaign and that took a whole workday away from me. On the other hand, it got me out of going to the board meeting this month and that always makes my heart happy. (I hate board meetings.) So yeah. That's today's story. I have a purchase list to revise and reduce to a reasonable amount. I'll work on that tomorrow, I think. And Tuesday. I'm still not sure about Wednesday. I'll need to talk to Connie about that later today. Why is everything so complicated???

05 November 2009


So I finally broke down and took some Sudafed, which may or may not have been a good idea. I don't feel that the status of my runny/stuffy nose had changed much, yet I definitely feel way tired, even light-headed. Granted this started three hours after I took the pill, so it may not be a side-effect after all. All I know is that I have 6.5 hours left in my work day and I'm ready for bed right now. I hate to leave early since I know it's difficult to find a substitute on such short notice. I dunno, I'll give it another hour or so and see how I feel.