21 December 2009

Angels We Have Heard On High

This is a conversation I just had with an online acquaintance. Too funny not to share.

Me: i plan to start Cryptonomicon by Neal Stephenson in a couple days; it's nearly 1000 pages
Dude: what's it about?
Me: no clue. the author seems to be a favorite in geek circles, so i thought i'd give it a whirl and read his first book. i think it's kinda sci-fi, but i'm not certain
Dude: ahhh i see
Dude: do you consider yourself a geek?
Me: in certain things, yes. i've never been a gamer, so i can't claim to belong to that aspect of geekdom
Dude: lol
Dude: thank the Lord
Dude: you look too baddass to be a geek
Me: hahaha
Dude: it's true
Dude: the short hair, black clothes, intense expression
Me: i'm wearing white and green today
Dude: screams: "don't mess with me or i'll turn into a werewolf or vampire and suck your blood"
Me: hahaha

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