18 December 2009


How does one work when one has no work to do? A conundrum.

I am once again sitting at my desk waiting to start Tots in about fifteen minutes. There's at least two kids here so far. I don't know how many I'll have in total, but I hope it's twelve or less because I don't have enough supplies for more than a dozen. The highest number we've ever had was eleven, so I hope I'll be safe, otherwise some poor kids will have to make wreaths of colors that aren't the traditionally Christmasy red, green, and white. (Not like the kids would really care all that much anyway.)

My Christmas shopping is over half done; I'll finish the rest tonight and tomorrow. Of course that still leaves the project I need to finish for Mom. Here's hoping I can get it done in time, and also that I don't completely screw the thing up--still a distinct possibility.

Did you know that The Muppet Family Christmas does not appear to exist on DVD? I can't find it on Netflix or in my library's system. Oooh, but I *did* just now find it in Worldcat. Hell, yes!!

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