04 December 2009


Actually I'm listening to Wil Wheaton's Radio Free Burrito podcast Episode Fourteen, but at present he's playing "Rodeohead" by Hard & Phirm on the podcast. It's a country tribute to Radiohead in medley form. In other words, it's made of awesome. Enough about my listening habits and on to the blog.

Tots went well today, though I have a ton of silver bell parts left over. I should really try to figure out how to make a penguin craft. I know what story I want to read, but I can't remember the title or author (making me very much like some of my patrons) but I have it saved in one of my email accounts, so I can look it up easily enough (unlike like the aforementioned patrons).

Whoa, this iPod is at nearly half-battery right now and it's only been on for about 2.5 hours, meaning its battery life is slightly over 5 hours, which isn't as weird now that I've done the math, reminding me that the iPod is 3 years and some months old. Yeah.

You know how I wanted to update my Halloween playlist on iTunes? Still not done. And now it's time to update the Christmas playlist on my iPod (actually, all my playlists, as my new iPod arrived at the parentals' house yesterday). I have to remember not to solely play with it this weekend, instead of paying attention to the padre on his most illustrious of birthdays. This Sunday marks his last year as a sextagenarian. He doesn't seem that old, and yet, numbers don't lie. (They don't know how, silly numbers.)

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