08 January 2010

Blister In The Sun

I'm a bit late on my new year's blog this year, but I was kinda busy and sorta lazy so I won't bother making with the excuses.

On to the blog.

Actually, looking back at last year's resolutions, there's only two I can definitively scratch off--I found my camera, which had been hiding cleverly in the pocket of my backpack; and I finished Lolita. (In my defense, many of the resolutions are of the maintenance variety and should be listed every year for all eternity, or at least until I grow up, which I hope will be never.) I confess that I really failed on the yoga vs. noga front in 2009. Mostly I was unable to attend yoga classes in the Heights, (though the rec center in the Heights started having classes in the spring, which was nice), and now in this rural area there aren't any classes available at all. This does not excuse me from doing yoga at home. The second seeming failure on last year's resolutions was the writing thing. True, I wrote less than half the number of blogs in 2009 that I wrote in 2008, but I kept a journal in Google Docs while at my first full-time job. Every now and then I would post excerpts from it here, but on the whole it was material best kept to myself, written to keep me sane at a job I hated (and thankfully now have left). The Rubick's cube remains untouched. And there's that other thing, but whatever.

Resolutions for 2010:

  • Writing (See last year.)
  • Yoga (See last year, also.)
  • Concerts (This would be one of the "maintenance variety.")
  • Addictions (The CD one has taken a decidedly digital turn, but I still buy physical albums now and again; The DVD collection continues to grow nicely.)
  • Reading (I haven't read nearly so much since I took this job in July. I suppose I don't make time for this as I should. Sad times, sad times indeed.)
  • Procrastination (I'll say more on this later.)
  • Songs (I think I'll stick with titling blogs with the name of the song I'm listening to while blogging. It amuses me.)
  • Eating (I did a decent job of increasing the health level of my food in 2009, but I know I can do better.)
  • Storytime (This one needs explanation: I don't really enjoy this aspect of my job. I do it because I have to and that's that. I want to enjoy it more, make it more fun for both me and the chicklets.)
  • Juggling (You thought I'd forgotten, didn't you.)

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