29 January 2010

Catch A Hot One

This is something I wrote Wednesday afternoon at work.

This is just a rant. I'm trying to work things out in my head. Basically, I suck at the programming part of my job. No news there. Thing is that I'm pretty much getting called on it. Not that I'm in trouble with the boss or anything, just that she's throwing ideas my way, basically doing my job, to the extent that she's offering to contact the person to make arrangements. I shouldn't let her do that, but I probably will. Earlier in the afternoon, I realised that there will probably be no one coming to tomorrow's book club (our first ever), a realisation which has put me in a funk for the remainder of the day. Then, I got a phone call from some entertainer dude who would like to perform at our summer reading kick-off. This was well-timed and ill-timed: Well-timed because my thoughts had already drifted toward programming and I had basically decided to get a list of possibilities together and run them by Connie before the end of the week; Ill-timed because I was still in this funk (also I was in the middle of waiting on patrons) and I really wasn't prepared to actually talk with a person about this sort of thing. So I got his website and told him I'd let him know. Meh. He was really awkward on the phone. I had to put the phone down for a moment (remember, patron) and when I picked it back up I said, "thank you for holding." He said, "uh-huh" and nothing else. I was expecting him to try to sell me on his act, but there was just silence on the other end; he was waiting for me to say something. I'm um'd and uh'd and eventually said (once I figured out that he wasn't going to say anything) that we hadn't made any decisions yet. That's when he gave me his website address. Oy! It was only after all this that Connie approached me at dinner. I think she suspected that I wasn't in the mood for talking and I wasn't; I went to dinner when I did so that I could avoid conversation and avoid thinking about all this which was really getting to me at that moment. Writing this has calmed me down as I hoped it would, rather than upset me further as I feared it would, so that's one good thing I guess. Tomorrow's book club meeting will be considered a success if even one person shows up. That person and I will plan for the February meeting of the book club and hopefully more people will show up then. If no one comes tomorrow, I will select a book and declare it the title of the month for February and still try for a book club. I will get more aggressive and actually call people who I think might be interested. I have not done that this time, mostly because I feel really awkward doing that kind of thing. Okay. Next is to get some ideas going for after-school programs for kids. As Connie pointed out, they're here anyway, so we may as well throw together a quick-and-dirty program for them: games, snacks, maybe a movie. We were sent a couple of decks of cards (UNO and something else) so maybe I can use them, and there's a whole cabinet full of board games and whatnot. I need to look at the schools' schedules so that I don't create a conflict there. Thirdly, as mentioned, I need to come up with a list of possibilities for the summer reading kick-off. I think I may hit up Unshelved Answers for ideas on this one. It couldn't hurt.

Update, Friday: Yesterday no one came to the book club as I suspected. However, one lady called saying she was definitely interested and usually 2PM is a good time for her, just not that particular day. I'm hoping she'll come next month. I've already selected a book (The Time Traveler's Wife) and requested a bunch of copies so that they're available for our patrons. Funny thing is that whenever someone asked me if anyone came for the book club, I responded almost cheerily with a "no." I guess I got all the depression over it out of my system on Wednesday.

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