29 January 2010

Cheating On You

just so's i look busy here at work. actually, i'm reading my twitter feed on my ipod. yay me. i'm also keeping up with the saul williams live chat that's going on right now. so far, it's pretty interesting. i dig the lazy friday vibe; it makes up for having to wake up at an ungodly hour to be here. after work i need to go to the bank to make a deposit and get a roll of quarters (laundry this weekend, rah) and pay a couple bills at the mall. being an adult kinda sucks. *sigh* maybe someday i'll get the hang of this. probably not. actually, i don't want to ever truly *feel* like an adult, because that would mean i *am* a grown-up and that sucks. alack, i shall have to return to the world of actual work at the front desk shortly. this sucks. it's really hard to be a lazy bum when coworkers keep walking into the workroom where they easily see me goofing off. sheesh.

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