13 January 2010

Climbing Up the Walls

I have a whole stack of newspapers sitting in my apartment. They started appearing at my doorstep last week, presumably as a promotional thing in order to get me to subscribe. Hell, if they can't get me to read the ones they give me for free, I'm certainly not going to pay to not read even more papers.

Yesterday the principal went over my evaluation with me. So far I haven't screwed up yet. Woohoo. She did mention that she'd like me to interact more with the middle school staff, though she acknowledges that that's difficult for me working in the library and not having to go to staff meetings and whatnot. Later, when I got back to the library and was thinking this conversation over, I realised that she essentially told me to try to make friends. Hrm. I have friends. True, I understand the value of being friendly with staff outside of my department, but I've never really seen the point in small-talk and as such typically don't go out of my way to chat with people. Also I'm shy, but let's take shyness out of the equation--small talk serves little purpose other to cover uncomfortable silences (and I don't tend to find silences all that uncomfortable). Conclusion: I'll chit-chat when I bloody well feel like chit-chatting, when it happens organically, not when it feels false or forced.

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