12 February 2010

Inspector Gadget Theme Song

This is the most random collection of sentences ever, and the entire text from a spam email wanting to teach me how to treat my lady right.:

The horse neighed. He has no beard. He galloped down a side alley. The head moved. News traveled fast! Of course I got into the eddy.
And also much beets for sugar. The man's eyes frogged. Rien de plus facile. TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN. Par for the course. That was some mail! Why is my daughter silent?
Nature has a reason for all things. It ended in a fight. John Halifax and others. It is not true? Unless the Moors are Negroes. Of course the jury then acquitted him. The lovers were married. He only had two more papers left. Penelope coughed twice in her sleep.
But why show the planes? Now the above are facts. But he was without politics. Woe is me! Do I kiss thee better? My opinion is the general opinion. But a talent. Bigotry is an odd thing. Daughter of the great whore of whores. They thought she knew where he was. What can they be?

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