12 February 2010


Today is another lazy Friday, the more so since it's an early out for the students and in-service day for the teachers and staff. Shortly, pizza will arrive. Yum. We're also a little overstaffed today which means I get to spend just about the whole damn day back in the workroom. I won't because there's only so much internet browsing I can do in a day. Besides, I'd like to accomplish some real work today as well.

I have leftover Valentines from Tots so I think I'll hand them out to patrons as they leave tomorrow. (The Valentines include suckers and patrons aren't allowed food in the library. Duh.)

I started watching Moonlighting on DVD. I used to watch the show with my mom during daytime reruns when I was a kid. I'm glad I ordered this, because it's definitely fun. The mystery bits a a little forced, but I've only seen the first two episodes so far. I'm pretty sure Cybill Shepard's character gets less annoying (not that she's terribly annoying now, just a tad) as time goes on. Bruce, of course, is fan-fuckin-tastic, as always.

His hair is kinda weird though.

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