23 March 2010

Siberian Breaks

I have all of next week off from work. After Saturday, I don't have to return to work until April 6 and on that day I go in late because I'll be at a Continuing Education program on Advanced Reference at Lincoln Trail that morning in Champaign. It gets out at noon so with driving time and lunch time, I won't be at the library until close to 2pm. Sounds good to me. I'll probably be all confused, wondering how to use the scanner to read barcodes and such after such a long break. I can dig it.

I should paint my nails, but I'm doing laundry and the two tasks just don't mix well. 

A patron today wondered if I could be wearing any more rings. (I am wearing four.) I said, "Sure, I could wear some on my thumbs." He kinda shook his head at me. 

05 March 2010


This week's Tots was fun for once: we focused on Dr. Seuss in honor of his birthday on Tuesday the 2nd. I read The Shape of Me and Other Stuff and and an interactive (meaning lift the flaps and such) version of There's a Wocket in my Pocket! called There's a Zamp in my Lamp!  On Wednesday night the kids were practically in my lap pulling the closet doors open to reveal the Woset. It's good to know they're not too shy. Hahaha.

Next week I'm going to read The Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly and another books about bugs, but the most important is the old lady story because we have a puppet, complete with all the animals she ate. So the kids can help me feed her. I anticipate funness. All I need to do is get the craft ready today since I won't be back at the library until Wednesday and I don't want to leave things until the last minute like that. I mean, we all know I tend to work at the last minute, but I still prefer to leave myself a small window of time to try something else in case the first idea flops.

Why will I not be at work again until Wednesday, you ask? Spring Break isn't until the end of the month, you point out. Am I turning into a complete slacker, you query?

The answer: I'm turning Nickel on Monday, dammit! Therefore I've decided to take an extended birthday holiday. I will begin tomorrow by driving northwards to see Ericka whom I haven't seen in nearly a year which is entirely too long and we need to stop with these long stretches of not seeing eachothers' faces.

Then I will go to Tai Chi. This has nothing to do with my birthday, but it's the third session of the class and I finally started understanding it last week, so I better go this time; after which I will drive to the Vegas and spend time with the parentals and such people there as can be convinced that I'm worth hanging out with. I will use Daddy's cooking as a bargaining chip. Also Alice in Wonderland, perhaps in 3D. Then it will be back to reality and libraries and Tots and whatnot. Rah.

I dare you to have an awesomer weekend than that!