30 September 2010

Turn Off the TV

This is actually a blog I wrote in Google Docs while at work on Friday but never got around to posting here until now. Woo.


I already did actual work today. I even got glue on my shirt. Thing is, I’ve got two hours left and nothing much more to accomplish. This is why Fridays are so friggin’ weird. So now I’m just listening to The Nerdist Podcast with Felicia Day as a special guest. And now I’m just going to listen and type so that I look busy. It sounds like a good plan to me.

Haha, I totally just rushed my dad off the phone so I could answer the work phone. I got a book from Amazon that was in pretty poor shape. The replacement showed up today at the parentals’ and it’s in good shape. Yay. I just need to get the package together to send the old one back to Amazon. Hoorah.

Morse Code Rock Band. I might play that game. Dance Dance Industrial Revolution sounds much better though. This is why I love this podcast and listen to it every Friday while working in the back. Good times.

Did I mention last weekend’s Craft Day? We made little Scottie dogs. So cute. Granted, there were hardly any kids there and those that came were late.

Holy Hell, I still have over an hour before closing time. Stealth-typing is only good for so long and then it just gets boring.

Let’s see, there could surely be something worthwhile that I can do here. Or maybe I can just browse around looking for a cell phone. I’m eligible to upgrade in a little over a week, just after the R2D2 Droid is released. I consider this fate, but if it turns out that I can’t get any discount whatever on it then I may have to choose a lesser phone.

Alrighty then, it’s time to sign off and wander the library for half an hour to pass the time before closing. Woo.

10 September 2010

Space Oddity

This morning I discovered that I could not wear a belt with the pants I bought on Saturday.  When I tried them on they fit fine, but seemed like I’d probably want a belt. No problem. They were on super-duper sale, so I bought them. This morning when I put them on they were huge. I haven't lost weight, folks, but there's definitely a change in the way my new pants fit me. So I put on my belt only to find that there’s no belt-loop in the back. There’s the two in front, but I suppose they’re only there for decoration. Craziness. I fixed it though: I put on a black clippy thing in back to adjust the size. Thankfully I’m a slob and never tuck in my shirt so the clip is covered nicely.

I’ve got supplies enough for 15 kids for tots this morning. I doubt I’ll have that many, but I’m always slightly paranoid that I won’t have enough. I only had one kid on Wednesday night. He only giggled when I had trouble getting glue out of the bottle. Meh, at least I got a reaction, yeah? He actually started bouncing up and down in his seat which was stinkin’ adorable.

I’m getting near the end of Goblet of Fire. I’m hoping to finish it this weekend. Hoping. I also have a good deal of chores to take care of and some visiting with friends, which should be fun. Rah.

I’ve got ten minutes before tots starts. I don’t think anyone is here yet. Nevermind, I see a grandma in the children’s room. Who me? Nervous? Never. I should walk out to the desk and get the sign-up book out. Yeah. Toodles.


There were 7 kids. Yay! And then I came in back and started reading webcomics, which is awesome until a coworker walks in and likely sees you goofing off. Oops. I suppose I should do some actual work, but I think I’ll wait until after lunch. That gives me another half hour to goof off. 

Later again.

Hey, look at that, I’ve accomplished something today. I may be having dinner with a coworker friend tonight, which is awesome. I’ve still got one work-related phone cal I need to make, but there’s still an hour and forty-five minutes left before the day ends, so there’s time, man. Totally. 

03 September 2010

The Nerdist Podcast

This episode of Nerdist features Alison Brie. I've never watched Mad Men or Community so this probably doesn't excite me as much as it would other people, but she's pretty funny so I'm still digging the show. Anyway on to the blog.

Old business: Daddy never had to have the surgery after all, which is cool. The doctor thinks that it's best to just let it lie and not worry about the stones unless they start to make trouble.

New business: Gearing up for the Tots program. Here I am on my second Friday in the workroom this school year and I'm getting bored without the break to do Tots in the morning. Next week, baby, next week. Unfortunately I have some painting to do to prepare. I usually don't like to have to work quite that hard in prep for any project but I've already gotten too far not to keep going. It's frog puppets, by the way. Good times.

I need to get my act together and buy those Guster tickets. I'm such a frakkin' procrastinator. Looks like a lazy weekend coming up. It's a holiday weekend but as I always have Mondays off, it's not really any different for me, but it may mean there'll be some sales I should take advantage of: I need some more work clothes. If Daddy had a grill, I would insist we cook out for the holiday, but he has no grill, so no cookin' out. Sadness. Oh, well. I've plenty of Doctor Who and Battlestar Galactica to watch. Also, I've only read about a third of the way through Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, so I'll probably enjoy that over the weekend too. Yay.