10 September 2010

Space Oddity

This morning I discovered that I could not wear a belt with the pants I bought on Saturday.  When I tried them on they fit fine, but seemed like I’d probably want a belt. No problem. They were on super-duper sale, so I bought them. This morning when I put them on they were huge. I haven't lost weight, folks, but there's definitely a change in the way my new pants fit me. So I put on my belt only to find that there’s no belt-loop in the back. There’s the two in front, but I suppose they’re only there for decoration. Craziness. I fixed it though: I put on a black clippy thing in back to adjust the size. Thankfully I’m a slob and never tuck in my shirt so the clip is covered nicely.

I’ve got supplies enough for 15 kids for tots this morning. I doubt I’ll have that many, but I’m always slightly paranoid that I won’t have enough. I only had one kid on Wednesday night. He only giggled when I had trouble getting glue out of the bottle. Meh, at least I got a reaction, yeah? He actually started bouncing up and down in his seat which was stinkin’ adorable.

I’m getting near the end of Goblet of Fire. I’m hoping to finish it this weekend. Hoping. I also have a good deal of chores to take care of and some visiting with friends, which should be fun. Rah.

I’ve got ten minutes before tots starts. I don’t think anyone is here yet. Nevermind, I see a grandma in the children’s room. Who me? Nervous? Never. I should walk out to the desk and get the sign-up book out. Yeah. Toodles.


There were 7 kids. Yay! And then I came in back and started reading webcomics, which is awesome until a coworker walks in and likely sees you goofing off. Oops. I suppose I should do some actual work, but I think I’ll wait until after lunch. That gives me another half hour to goof off. 

Later again.

Hey, look at that, I’ve accomplished something today. I may be having dinner with a coworker friend tonight, which is awesome. I’ve still got one work-related phone cal I need to make, but there’s still an hour and forty-five minutes left before the day ends, so there’s time, man. Totally. 

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